Ajax anyone?

This new WordPress has more Ajax than a commercial cleaning company…

But I am enjoying it, it’s very cool. I have managed to figure out what a widget is and how to install one. I don’t actually have any installed as I’ve put this blog into lockdown. The file permissions are so tight that I can’t edit anything in the admin panel anymore, I have to do it all via FTP. That’s the oldschool way, and so much more secure ;)

KnM came to visit, but nobody else, so maybe some peoples are still looking at the other one still? ;)

Do govt web standards cover this blog? O_O

Abandonware got broken

So I broke my site. No, not this one, the other one. That’s right, Bunny Abandonware broke. It broke two ways:

  1. It got broken because Google said it was arse, and I checked it, fixed it cleaned it and requested review from Google. Of course that takes a few weeks, so we’ll see about Google accepting it back again and stop telling people that the site is covered in malware (bugger it). This may not be considered a “break”, but it totally was.
  2. I upgraded to the latest wordpress version and totally pwnd my categorisation in it. Just take a look at the menu at www.bunnzy.org. Wow, that’s horrific.

Hopefully it all comes right. Brett said he’d take a look tonight *whew*.

Y’know, I upgraded this blog too, and it went smoothly. So it goes to show just how customised Bunny Abandonware is compared to your standard WordPress install.All-in-all, I’m really impressed with WordPress, it’s fantastic. Hats off to the community that works on it

I’m also doing some experimenting with Drupal, but we’ll see how that goes huh? ;)

P.S does anyone want to write some reviews for Bunny Abandonware?

[Edit]: It’s fixed, check it out! www.bunnzy.org