What’s with all these bloody weddings?

Seriously. They are everywhere. WTF? I know about 5 couples who have gotten married in the last 2 weeks. NO FUCKING SHIT. Random as eh?

I think I’m going to die having never been married. I’m reaching level 30 this year. I will be able to wear tougher armor, carry a bigger sword and edge a little bit closer to my death.

On a side note, I’m also kinda relieved I don’t have to go through the motions. I’m disappointed and happy with where I’m at. Dating at 30? Not married at 30? A mother at 30?

Who the fuck wants to get invovled with someone with a kid? ugh. That’s a terrible though, but haunting me in the back of my head like a nagging marge simpson. go figure.

Iruno. Carry on peoples, carry on!