#30DaysOfGeek Day 7: Preferred smartphone platform

Welcome to day 7 of #30DaysOfGeek. I’m posting after noon! I’ve been out of the office all morning though, that is my excuse.

So what’s the topic for day 7? “Preferred smartphone platform. And which do you use?”

Preferred? Couldn’t give a shit. Something which works and is usable and comes with a provider who isn’t totally lame.

What do I use? I have an iPhone 4. I had an iPhone 3 but it got wet so I had to upgrade. I went with the iPhone 4 because I know how to use it and it works for me.

An iPhone may not be for everyone, some prefer android or other things. I really couldn’t care less ;) It’s not about the technology, it’s about the user experience.

I think many techie people forget about the end user and get caught up in the politics or nerdiness of it.


That’s a real shame.

See you tomorrow!

#30DaysOfGeek Day 3: What does your day job involve?

It’s day 3 of #30DaysOfGeek. Today we go into what my day job involves…

The question should be “what doesn’t your day job involve?”

I … look after people, fix problems, write long documents, manage projects, perve at the business analyst, talk crap with colleagues, preach about web standards, give feedback on anything and everything, facilitate meetings, attend meetings, plan meetings, document meetings and try to avoid meetings, manage staff, tweet, fill in spreadsheets, read lots of gaming news, play with Google Analytics, run social media things, talk about my weekend, send lots of work and non-work related emails, media monitor for interesting things, have spontaneous morning and afternoon teas, perve some more at the business analyst.

That’s basically what I do. It’s quite a lot when you try to cram it into 40 hours. ;)

See you tomorrow!

Time for a spring clean?

Alas, not at home, but definitely at work. I usually have such a clean desk so the clutter was really getting to me!!

I’ve thrown away everything I don’t need. Done my filing, dusted my desk. Found some random spoon under my keyboard. Everything smells and looks better. ^_^

Yes, that’s a My Little Pony. It’s Rainbow Dash, but she hasn’t got the multi-coloured hair like she’s supposed to – stupid McDonalds!!

I also thought I’d show you a pic of my friends at work.

This is Jakob W. Bond. He’s a secret agent, a secret agent for all things usability…

And this is the oldschool pencil sharpener. He doesn’t have a name, but if he did it’d be something like sharpener bug. I must make him some wings. :D

Happy World Usability Day! :)

Well, World Usability Day has wrapped up in New Zealand.

The theme of the day this year was “transport”. I took the Global Transport Challenge, but I didn’t end up too nicely. I drive a Diesel to the bus stop, catch a bus into town and then walk up the hill. I can’t really do anything different, except catch a train, but the train doesn’t depart near where I catch my bus, sooo? I really miss things like the Metro and the Underground. I wish we had something like that in New Zealand. :)

In New Zealand there was only two World Usability Day events, one in Wellington and one in Auckland. Unfortunately the one in Wellington I wouldn’t have been able to get to in time. I would really like to have attended though. Run by the good folks at Optimal Usability.

Actually, I got a cool pressie out of it from my good friends at Optimal Usability, and I thought about public transport. They do some amazing work, they have a nice market in New Zealand too. I don’t see much competition for them, and even if there was they’d just clean the fecking floor with them. Just wonderful!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good World Usability Day, and did their part to raise the awareness of it all :)