#30DaysOfGeek Day 6: Primary geek fuel

It’s day 6 of #30DaysOfGeek, and I haven’t missed any yet! :)

Today’s epic topic: Primary geek fuel (snacks/drinks). What is it that sustains your geekiness?

Well. If it’s fruit, vegetable or white meat I’ll eat it. Yes, that includes humans. I don’t snack, and I drink water and shitloads of Sprite Zero and Diet Coke.

So Sprite Zero, Diet Coke and my stomach digesting itself from hunger is what sustains me. I’m not sure it fuels my geek – I get that from people and generally geeking out, but it keeps me alive to do it.

I do enjoy making lots of food for others though. I thrive and grow when hugged a lot, even IRC hugs keep me going. ^_^