Happy World Usability Day! :)

Well, World Usability Day has wrapped up in New Zealand.

The theme of the day this year was “transport”. I took the Global Transport Challenge, but I didn’t end up too nicely. I drive a Diesel to the bus stop, catch a bus into town and then walk up the hill. I can’t really do anything different, except catch a train, but the train doesn’t depart near where I catch my bus, sooo? I really miss things like the Metro and the Underground. I wish we had something like that in New Zealand. :)

In New Zealand there was only two World Usability Day events, one in Wellington and one in Auckland. Unfortunately the one in Wellington I wouldn’t have been able to get to in time. I would really like to have attended though. Run by the good folks at Optimal Usability.

Actually, I got a cool pressie out of it from my good friends at Optimal Usability, and I thought about public transport. They do some amazing work, they have a nice market in New Zealand too. I don’t see much competition for them, and even if there was they’d just clean the fecking floor with them. Just wonderful!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good World Usability Day, and did their part to raise the awareness of it all :)