#30DaysOfGeek Day 13: How did you become such a geek?

We’re nearly half way through the #30DaysOfGeek challenge! Wow, after this I’m going to have a crack a the 30 days of music one I think. ;)

So what’s in store for us today? *goes to check the site*….

How did you become such a geek? Career? Personal interest?

Uhh. Random. I think it’s something you’re born with. It’s a natural talent? Natural personality thing? Natural curse?

Yeah, you’re definitely born with it. I don’t think you can learn to be a geek, not without some natural desire to be – which means it’d come easy to you and you’d already be one.

Although you will see people pretending to be geeks.  Fake geeks come in various disuises, look out for the try-hard tossers you see at Webstock, etc.  Y’know, the ones wearing thick rimmed glasses, too much hair product, gay shirts.  Sitting there flaunting Apple symbols and constantly watching out the corner of their eye to see who is watching them. They subscribe to this site: http://www.geekchic.com.

They are also the kind to get married wearing Chucks they are so hardcore geeky different.   They may even wear them to work with their suit on because they are completely hardcore geek.  But not without looking out the corner of their eye to see who is watching them…

Often these people don’t know how to use a computer.  Little do they know they are as lame as the Twitards, but nobody has the heart to tell them. Aww ;)

See you tomorrow!