New Zealand SAS troops at war, and lookin’ DAMN hawt.

So the NZ papers have published a photo of our SAS boys in action. Whoah! OK, it was probably not a good idea to do. It gives us more publicity in evil places than we would otherwise have, and it breaches security we have around war-stuff. But I have to say that while they have threatened security they have also managed to actually inspire some patriotic feelings in NZers. That can’t be all bad can it? It’s a very, very, very rare thing for NZers to actually give a shit about NZ. And for once people are starting to be proud of something!! I can’t believe how many times I saw in the article quotes people saying “I’m proud to be a NZer”. That’s a huge thing!

I’ll put the photo up here once all the hoo-hah has died down eh? So you can see how smokin’ hot Willie looks in his SAS uniform with a big gun :O

[edit] Ok, here’s the photo. *drooooool* :o~~~

Photo by Philip Poupin.

I’m going to link this to the Herald, even though I’m gonna paste a whole lot of Stuff quotes. Why? Because Stuff are jip and get rid of their content and make it user-pays after a short time. And I wanna be able to giggle at these comments in years to come! ^_^

New Zealand Herald – Day at the office for SAS in Kabul – Apiata’s Afghan exploits revealed

GGG #161 10:44 am Jan 22 2010
I’m not into beards but…….. DAYAM thats hot!

ATom1746 #136 10:18 am Jan 22 2010
Oh man, that is a cool beard. Someone needs to set up a fan-site for Willie’s beard.

BSSS #117 10:01 am Jan 22 2010
surely he looks like zach galifianakis from the hangover.

Robb23 #116 10:01 am Jan 22 2010
He looks cool, keep the beard bro. Mad styles. I dont think the SAS is patrolling streets? so calm down. If hes out in the field he is a target, the photo doesnt change that. SAS arent presence, they are awesomeness, and they fly through flames with extreme facial expressions, guns blazing and beards ready.

BD #109 09:58 am Jan 22 2010
Holy heck – a definitive depiction of a BAMF if ever I saw one…

AC #108 09:58 am Jan 22 2010
Awesome photo – looks like Rambo!

Gary #39 09:03 am Jan 22 2010
Crickey, if I was a bad old Jihadist hell bent on destruction and Willie had to walk in, I would probably shoot myself than tangle with him or any of the SAS lads

Go the SAS

hektor #38 09:03 am Jan 22 2010
Nice freakin M4. where do I get one?

Rick #25 08:49 am Jan 22 2010
It’s the uniform and gun isn’t it, i’ve got to get me one of those…..

Damian #80 09:37 am Jan 22 2010
Is it possible to look any cooler??

Holey #77 09:33 am Jan 22 2010
He looks like one tuff mother . Go the NZ SAS

Mantank #45 09:09 am Jan 22 2010
Top pic for his facebook profile. He is a true Warrior.

Steve #17 08:44 am Jan 22 2010
Willie Apiata is a frickin Badass. He looks like something out of Call of Duty. Mad Respect for the NZSAS – They are the elite!

Kelvin2 #10 08:39 am Jan 22 2010
That is the face of a guy who you’d want on your side in a dark alley.

Even Chuck Norris would be afraid to take on “Mr Apiata, to you Chuckie boy”.

Haha, this was awesome:

ohdear #29 08:51 am Jan 22 2010
I was going to write something completely sensible then realised all I really want to say is I completely agree with Karen.

Karen #1 08:31 am Jan 22 2010
Willie APIATA is hot!!!!!!!!!!

and the very best.. sheesh who is this Michelle chick ;)

Michelle #13 08:41 am Jan 22 2010
Ohhh he looks so much better when he’s all in uniform and hairy. He’s a babe!