#30DaysOfGeek Day 17: Post a useful HOWTO…

Post a useful HOWTO to solve a challenge you’ve come across recently.

A useful one? Umm. I have NO idea. Maybe there’s a great one here on this blog already I can just link to? ;)

I found this one useful: iTunes doing my head in. But now the problem is happening again, dangit ;) I think it’s because of my LastXP, not because of my iTunes!

I have nothing else to help you, sorry. Post any questions about cooking and I’ll help.

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iTunes is doing my head in

Constantly get errors saying “Windows System components that iTunes requires are missing or corrupted” whenever you try to run iTunes? I did, and it meant that my iPod never registered and I couldn’t use the iTunes store. I found a solution though:

  1. Close Itunes
  2. Go to your start menu > Run. Type (without quotes): “regsvr32 /u mssip32.dll”
  3. Click OK
  4. Go to Start > Run and type (again, without quotes): “regsvr32 mssip32.dll”
  5. Click OK again
  6. Launch iTunes and see if it loads error-free and if you can now access Genius, iTunes store or load and sync your iPod

Did it work for you? It worked for me.

I used to work for them and I remembered that I still have a UK iTunes store account. Woohoo! I get free single of the week. I have my NZ store account too, but that has no free single of the week and has waaaay less music. Huzzah for two accounts – twice the goodness.

Now I just have to start paying for e-music – I prefer CDs. I like the shiny covers, pull out sleeves and colourful CD towers. O_O