Fever Hospital, Wellington, New Zealand

I’ve been thinking about the Fever Hospital up on Mount Victoria today, and spying on it using Google Maps. The history about this place is amazing. There’s an article about it on the WCC Heritage Building website. There are also some interesting photos of it being built on the CCDHB website.

When I was a teenager we used to break into this place and scare the shit out of ourselves. I must say that Linda and I are the bravest and the guys were always too scared. Some of you are here on Facebook eh, so you know who I’m talking about.

Once we were in there and some other people were in there with us, well, they must have been. Doors kept closing on us and you could hear things. But they do say it’s haunted! I found a discussion about it on Facebook. There are heaps of posts and discussions online about it being haunted and people seeing strange things there. They do paranormal studies there too apparently… o_O

I remember it being a lot more run down than it currently is. Photos I’ve found online of it recently look clean and tidy. When we used to go there at night (with no torches, in the dark) it was a run down place, covered in graffiti pentagrams, drug stuff everywhere, broken stairs, jamming doors, hidden corridors, strange noises. I think we only remembered the torch ONCE.

I really wish we had digital cameras when I was a teenager. There are so many images and memories in my brain which are terrifying about this place, and I would love to share them. The pictures out on the net make it seem so tame in comparison to what it was really like in the dark of night while still crumbling and broken.

Even now I’d be shit scared to go up in there the dark, and it’s been looked after and cleaned up. Well, the main buildings have. The really scary building is the square one to the south. The one with the wings is scary yes, but the one to the south is really scary.

If you were brave enough to go up the driveway, let alone up to the building or in the door of the haunted Fever Hospital in the dark – you were legend. I am legend ;)

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