#30DaysOfGeek Day 4: Greatest application written to date

So here we are. Day 4 of #30DaysOfGeek.

Today: The greatest application written to date. By who? By me or by someone else? Written up until this point, or written to date-stamp things? Maybe written to take out to a dinner and movie?

What if you’re a geek who doesn’t write applications? I don’t write applications. The geekiest thing I would probably write is a webpage and I’m not sure you can classify that as an application. Even then – it’s no longer in my job description. If I was going to write anything it’d be a story for literotica.

Well, hangonaminute, I’m sitting here typing into WordPress. I did do some coding in here recently. And over on Bunny Abandonware. So maybe it’s not an application, but I did play with some smurf behind the scenes.

So let’s talk about other applications. The greatest application ever written to date (and I’d totally date it) is Diablo 2. Followed closely by Warcraft 2 (and 3 was pretty good too!) If you beg to differ then you’re a white pants wearing loser and you should set yourself on fire and go jump off a cliff.

Love you, bye. x