How to fix the “choose canon camera/window for this” problem with ZoomBrowser EX

Another helpful tip that might sort out this problem for a few people… :)

If you have a Canon camera like I do (I have the Canon S5 IS) then you might run into this problem. Here are a few things to try out:

The “Canon Camera Access Library 8″ service might not be able to start, so if you go into: Start >> Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Services. Scroll down to the “SSDP Discovery Service” and enable.

Now, apparently you can have it two ways. If it’s going to use the service it needs to be enabled, but this can leave you exposed security wise. So you can disable the service and then change your registry so it does not rely on the service. Apparently it doesn’t need it, so makes you wonder why they put it in there eh?!

So try this:


  1. open regedit (Start >> Run >> Regedit)
  2. goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\CCALib8
  3. double click on DependOnService
  4. delete the second line “SSDPSRV”
  5. close regedit

And then you can stop the SSDP service if it is running

  1. open up services (Start >> Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Services)
  2. stop the SSDP Discovery Service


Here’s another thing you can try too:

Ignore the SSDP stuff above and make sure the “Canon Camera Access Library 8″ service is running (Start >> Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Services).

I hope that helps someone, cos it sure pissed the crap out of me!