#30DaysOfGeek Day 16: First computer owned, and favourite computer

First computer you’ve ever owned & your favourite ever. Hmm…

I think we had a 286 when I was err, 12? That was pretty cool. I remember getting Eye of Horus for it. Great game ;)

Then we got up to a 486, which was kinda cool, and then a P2. I think I still have a P3 floating around in my garage somewhere. It was being used as a dedicated fserve machine ;)

My most favourite computer? Probably that one. It was pretty epic, it had a shitload of RAM for its time, MBs of the stuff!

#30DaysOfGeek Day 15: Earliest geek experience

Day 15 of #30DaysOfGeek… I’m actually posting this quite a bit later than the real day 15, mainly because I didn’t hit publish. Woops. o_O

So, my earliest geek experience? I have NO idea!

I remember when I was about 4 someone came to our house with a C64 or something and they had pacman! I remember the actual game. Which is quite random as I don’t remember us even having a TV.

Nope, I don’t remember actually having a turn. :(

#30DaysOfGeek Day 13: How did you become such a geek?

We’re nearly half way through the #30DaysOfGeek challenge! Wow, after this I’m going to have a crack a the 30 days of music one I think. ;)

So what’s in store for us today? *goes to check the site*….

How did you become such a geek? Career? Personal interest?

Uhh. Random. I think it’s something you’re born with. It’s a natural talent? Natural personality thing? Natural curse?

Yeah, you’re definitely born with it. I don’t think you can learn to be a geek, not without some natural desire to be – which means it’d come easy to you and you’d already be one.

Although you will see people pretending to be geeks.  Fake geeks come in various disuises, look out for the try-hard tossers you see at Webstock, etc.  Y’know, the ones wearing thick rimmed glasses, too much hair product, gay shirts.  Sitting there flaunting Apple symbols and constantly watching out the corner of their eye to see who is watching them. They subscribe to this site: http://www.geekchic.com.

They are also the kind to get married wearing Chucks they are so hardcore geeky different.   They may even wear them to work with their suit on because they are completely hardcore geek.  But not without looking out the corner of their eye to see who is watching them…

Often these people don’t know how to use a computer.  Little do they know they are as lame as the Twitards, but nobody has the heart to tell them. Aww ;)

See you tomorrow!

#30DaysofGeek Day 12: What area do you want to expand your skills into?

Ok, it’s day 12 of #30DaysOfGeek.  Well, I think it is.  I’ve either jumped ahead or someone else has fecked up the numbering… o_O

What are do you want to expand your skills into?  Does it need to be geeky or IT related?  Pfft, probably.

Cooking.  I want to master the art of being more creative in the kitchen.  I can do stuff, I can improvise, I know where to find awesome recipes, but I’d really love to be able to make my own awesome recipes.  They have to start from somewhere right?

Or how to cook better on a budget?  Maybe creative baking?  Asian or Mexican cooking?

Ok, so that’s all food related.  What about geek related?  I guess it’d be cool if I could actually code or something.  I have no idea what the kids are up to nowadays in that area.  I haven’t had to code anything in quite a while.

I’d probably get bored way too fast – that’s why I stopped being a programmer.  BORING!

See you tomorrow ;)

#30DaysOfGeek Day 11: Favourite hacking environment

Favourite hacking environment – music, light, seating, etc?

I’m not a hacker o_O  But if I ever became one then I’d probably want a lair, done up oldschool like some sort of cold war basement.  With big old CRT screens and things that look like soundmixers from before sound was even invented.

And the music would be awesome, gloomy goth rock to hack slowly to.  Or something with lots of drums!

It’d need to have plants and blinking lights too, with things going *blip* *blip*.

Now I have to go and mind a sick child, so that is all….

This was day 11 of #30DaysOfGeek!

#30DaysOfGeek Day 10: Details of your primary computer

Day 10 of #30DaysOfGeek

Picture, screenshot and specifications of your primary computer…

Uhh, I have a MacBook, and it’s running Last XP and it has no screenshot key. Let’s see if I can do this. ;) If it doesn’t work then you can find it over on my Tumblr blog.

My Plants vs. Zombies desktop

Now, specs? How on earth am I supposed to know this? And why do you care? It’s a freaken MacBook!  Here is some random shit from somewhere inside this machine:

  • Machine name: MacBook
  • Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp.060411-1541)
  • Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
  • System Manufacturer: Apple Inc.
  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T8300 @ 2.40GHz (2 CPUs)
    Memory: 2012MB RAM
  • Windows Dir: E:\WINDOWS
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
  • GFX Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
  • GFX Chip type: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family (don’t act like you’re not impressed ;))
  • Display Memory: 128.0 MB
  • Current Mode: 1024 x 768 (32 bit) (60Hz)
  • Sound Devices Description: Realtek HD Audio output
  • Boring things like a DVD writer, sound input, mouse, usb ports, firewire, craptastic stuff.

Geez, that’s a bit extreme.  Poor MacBook feels really lame now that everyone has seen his rather small private parts :p

I have no specific photo of it, but it does appear in this picture:

From Random Stuff

#30DaysOfGeek Day 8: Preferred method of communication with humans

Ok guys, day 8 of #30DaysOfGeek.

This one is an easy one. IRC <3 It’s cheaper than txt or calling my friends overseas. I don’t have to be anywhere that requires pants, and I’m usually online. That makes sense right? You thought I was going to say Facebook or Twitter right? I’m also quite accessible on these platforms or by email (although my spam filter is set to “loser” so you’ll probably not get through ;)). Yeah, IRC. Hands down.