The Feelers are a lame choice, poor RWC.

Bwahaha, I got a quote in the NZ Herald, that’s so funny. But y’know what, IT’S SO TRUE!

Why, oh why? Why pick The Feelers, they are so damn lame. The Rugby World Cup 2011 is our chance to be on the world stage. Surely there is a band more deserving of this opportunity than those old has-been boring pants The Feelers. What a wasted chance!!

The choice of a cover of Right Here, Right Now by The Feelers as a marketing jingle for the 2011 Rugby World Cup has been widely panned by New Zealanders posting on the social networking site Twitter.

“You are SO freaken’ uncool if you pick The Feelers,” wrote “bunnzy” before it was officially announced that the Christchurch band would cover the song which was first released by Jesus Jones as a single in 1990.

“Kittengloves” said the only thing that could be worse than the original version would be a cover by The Feelers, whose well-known singles include Pressure Man, Venus and Stand Up.

“At least we won’t have to hear it much..Oh no wait!”, she wrote.

Riding through the bunkers

I found some photos when going through Picasa today. There are some photos from a bike ride we did earlier in the year, I think it was April. Reminded me of how cold it is and how much I miss getting out on my bike and stuff. I can’t wait for winter to be over. But we can’t expect much warm weather until about November/December, so it’s gonna be a while yet.

I am sure I have gained about 10kg. I tend to over winter when there is no chances to go outside :(

Anyhoo, a bit about the bike ride. It’s a fascinating ride. There are about 66 bunkers which used to be used to store ammunitions during World War 2. The bunkers are here because they are far enough away from people, but close enough for the trucks to come and get the ammunition for shipping out from our harbour.

It is rather strange to se remnants of the war here in New Zealand, because we are so far away from the rest of the world that you forget we took part.

There were lots of sheep and stuff, and we had a picnic on the hill overlooking Porirua. It was a really great ride. Found some skulls n stuff. Got a nice sweat up. The only bummer is when you take scenic shots you can see how damaged the lens is on the inside of my camera. I think it’s time to buy a new one o_O

This is Belmont Regional park. Here’s a map of the track at MapMyRide:

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One duathlon down, another to go…

Wow, so I got one done. A good effort! 56m 15s.

The weather was just horrific. The wind was blowing a gale, and it was a damn headwind too for the ride. Then the running area was on a slope, so you ended up with mega-sore ankles.

There were so many women, and all shapes, sizes, ages and everything. It was brilliant. Some old bird kept overtaking me and waving cheerily, I was like “Fuck you, you smarmy bitch”… well, on the inside ;) But good on her anyway.

Clare from work did the full triathlon with the swimming in the sea. She did awesome, we made sure we were there to cheer her over the line.

Other than that whinging about the weather and the condition of the running track it was a damn awesome experience. I did quite well :) Well, I was pleased anyway. I just need to recoop my ankles and I’ll be ready to roll for the next duathlon in April.

Kick-ass! :)

Riding my new bike!

Oh, a good ride on my new bike last night :) Went from the usual possie up at the driving range all the way up to the BMX track. It was awesome!

Typical Wellington weather, had a headwind on the way up, and then when we were playing at the BMX track the wind changed to a southerly. Ugh. ;) I should know to expect that to happen!

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You’d be surprised how many people shout abuse at us and we’re riding up on the stopbank which is above and beside the highway. Or when we’re going along the river trail and people are driving along on the other side of the river. They actually shout abuse and give us the fingers. o_O So bizarre! We don’t know them, we’re nowhere near them, and they are hurling abuse. I am SO embarassed to be a New Zealander.

I really do feel for cyclists. I don’t really go on roads, I just don’t trust cars. Probably a good thing. Some people are just really cruel and so rude. They’d probably try and kill us for fun.

Biking to the point (get it? ;))

God, you wouldn’t read about it… A fecking smudge on my camera lens. Ugh, what an amateur!

Dang! ;)

On Saturday we went for a ride around Pencarrow point, out around the bottom of the north island there, around the headlands. What a brilliant time! I haven’t done that ride since I was about 13. That was the same day I fell down the bank and slit my leg open on that dead tree. I still have a wicked scar on my leg which gets people talking – ewww. ;)

Next week I should have my new mountainbike, so that will be a bit easier. It’s a GT, so it’s a good one, with more gears and better suspension. I still can’t get full suspension as long as I need to cart Charlotte on the occasional piggy-back ride. But I’m looking forward to it!

So it was a long ride. I think you ride about 1.3x the equivalent of your distance when you’re riding through deep gravel. It’s like riding through sand. You feel the burn ;) Especially when it’s so stinking hot, it was 28 degrees!

So as we were heading south we were riding into a headwind, a very nice Wellington southerly wind. And then when we stopped for lunch we had this still heat. It was SO hot. But it was just beautiful. So we rest, eat, play on the rocks, go rock pooling and then head back – as the wind changes! So riding into the wind again ;)

But the view is just beautiful, well, totally stunning really. You get out past the harbour heads and just look south to untouched ocean. And then a big fucking container ship goes past. It was really interesting to watch this little speck on the horizon get bigger, and bigger, and bigger and then it was HUGE! The Interislander went past a few times too (which is the big ferry between the islands). All the land there is not inhabited. The amount of land you can see both on this side and the other side of the harbour – amazing. And only a small part of it is inhabited, so Wellington looks very insignificant in comparison to its surroundings.

I like that there was land we were seeing which had never ever had a human standing on it. :)

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Round the bays we go!

Wow, it’s amazing how you feel the pain after you push yourself too hard. I am a bit nervous because I know it’s not the day after which hurts the most, but the day after that. So bring on tomorrow, when I won’t be even able to get out of bed!! :)

So, Round the Bays went really well :) I’m pleased with how I did. It took a while for everything to start because there were so many people (over 10,000 people). Once you had managed to get past the crowds you were on your way. But you do end up with about a 20-30 minute delay waiting for the crowds! I reckon I got around the 50% mark, so around 5500th. That’d make sense. There are about 3000 who do the full running hardcore-marathon types. I bet they totally pwnd it. I was with a second group who were going kinda slower and just enjoying it. I also stopped to take a few photos! :P Was a good morning out. Dave and Charlotte met me at the end. Next year we’re going to go in it together, Charlotte will be old enough to walk at least most of the distance. There were many children, lots of prams, wheel chairs, old people, walking sticks, small kids on little push-bikes. It was a good day out for a whole heap of people.

I think things get a bit more competitive the weekend after next when I have the triathlon. Should be a bit freaky ;) I’m looking forward to it though. Dave isn’t, because he has to sit around and guard my stuff and look after my bike between the race legs. Being a caddy isn’t any fun apparently. But we do get to go out for lunch (gotta put back on the kilo’s that running loses.. pffft o_O). I’m looking forward to it!

Now, if I could just figure out how to get these photos from my phone to my computer, then I could upload them.

EDIT: Here are some photos, and I have also created another Picasa album. (God, the photos are fucking awful, bloody cellphone).

Run or walk for your life!

A high of 24 degrees I heard today! That should be nice and warm. Thank God, because it’s been miserable the last couple of days – warm but miserable. My awesome weather source is the Stokes Valley weather station. That means I should be able to go for a mountain bike ride tonight!

Oh oh, got a new ute. Managed to score a twin-cab Toyota Hilux o_O 1995 so it’s one year older than my last one, and has had about $3,000 spent on it, so it’s got all new brakes, fuel lines, cv’s, clutch, tyres, rear bumper and a whole lot of other engine stuff. So it’s brilliant. A good score for a lot less than $3,000 too! It’s definitely who you know eh? The reason the old Hilux had to go was it was about to blow, you could tell ;) Plus, a single cab didn’t work when you had a car seat and a baby. So we flicked it off before it died. Very excited, it’ll arrive in the next few days. Now I can just throw my bike on the back, yes, motorbike OR bicycle and go wherever I need to go. I don’t need to worry about taking off my mountain bikes wheels and all that crap and trying to fit it in the back of my Subaru. I should also add that my Impreza has impressive boot space, I can fold down the seats and fit in 2 mountain bikes AND 1 BMX. And that includes not being able to fold down the seat that has the car seat on it, plus the subwoofer box in the boot. So there you go, if you want a spacious Subaru get an Impreza, or maybe you should get a Legacy. I think a Legacy station wagon would have much more room. Plus you can get a twin-turbo one which goes pretty dang fast. Not quick, just fast. The B4 sedans are pretty damn hot; I’d love one of those. You know what this means though? It means that once the crank has been replaced and the engine put back into the Mazda it can go on Trademe and be sold. Yes, it’s going to be sold -_- The engine is new, was completely rebuilt and only went for 5000 km before the damn crank went. It’s being fixed under guarantee, but still, sucks eh. There goes more money being poured in. The engine had to be taken out and sent back to Nick’s up north to get repaired. It’s way fast, and a really special car, but it’s just a pain in the arse. It’s wonderful when it’s going, but ugh. Be glad to see the back of it. Hopefully someone from far away will buy it so we don’t see it driving around in the street and cry a lot and miss it and try and steal it back. I’d hate to see someone else driving it :(

I have a fun run coming up. I’m unsure if they have those overseas, well, I’m sure they do, but I don’t know what they call them. This is the 2008 Vector Wellington Round the Bays fun run. I am a Plunket supporter and collector so I do all the stuff at the malls for them and fundraising etc. So it makes sense that I should do the fun run eh. 7km isn’t that long anyway :) It’ll be on the 17th February. Should be awesome, there are normally a couple thousand people who take part :) And there is a huge party at the other end. I still am training for the duathlon in April too.

I’m finding it very hard to get anything done because of Charlotte. I get home at 5pm and I have to cook dinner, entertain her, play with her and by the time she’s had her bath, gone to bed, everyone is fed and everything is clean it’s like, 7.30pm. Then the last thing I feel like doing is going for a run or cycling, especially because I have eaten by then too. Maybe I need to be less lazy and just do it ;) I guess I could do that sort of stuff in the morning and start work later, but then I wouldn’t get home until about 8pm and I would only get to see Charlotte on weekends, definitely not the ideal solution. I think I’m going to have to start training at night, but it’ll be winter and dark at that time soon. Better do as much while it’s still safe and light. :) Moan, whinge, not enough hours in the day, moan. It’s not Charlotte’s fault, I love to play with her and stuff. One day she’ll be old enough to do these things with me :) Then we can go for ice cream afterwards, to defeat the purpose ;)

I shouldn’t have worn a cardigan on a day like today, I’m sorely regretting it. I only have a singlet top on underneath and I can’t really walk around work in a singlet, it’s not very formal. It’s a wife-beater one o_O if you don’t know what that means you should Google it. Oh well, rolling up my sleeves a bit helps ;) and wearing bare feet cools me down some.

Back to work, time to update AP!