Gurumin, what an awesome sound track!

I know I’ve posted about this game before. About how incredibly awesome it is, and how addictive and beautiful and cute and just how fun -_- But did I ever mention the soundtrack?

It’s got one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in a while. Each song is suited to the levels it is played on perfectly. Plus it also has some songs in it too! Mario, Sonic, whatever, eat your heart out, Gurumin is far superior.

So what’s on it?

  • Ghostly Days
  • Guruguru Tonight
  • Jun Jun Jungle Gym
  • Friends
  • Secret Jungle Survival
  • Samurai Drill
  • Tomorrow Everyone Will Be Friends
  • Guruguru Magician Pon
  • Return To The Road We Came
  • Euro Beat Poco

Guruguru Tonight is the theme song. It’s not in English, but still dang funky.

My favourite songs have to be Secret Jungle Survival, Return to the Road We Came and Guruguru Magician Pon. Oh so funky ^_^

And where can you get it? The Gurumin website will let you download the mp3s for free! How fantabulous is that? Go over and get them. They are awesome.

Whats up?

Wow, mid-May and nothing has been posted? :o You’d think that everything was dying off! But no, rest assured that I’m still alive, and still around and still managing to exist by the skin of my teeth…

Just looking at my calendar for tomorrow, it looks pretty packed o_O I was hoping to go down to town and get a new pair of boots. I swear to God my toes are going to fall off, my feet are freezing. My toes look like Smurf toes!

So it’s a while later now… I went down to get boots but I couldn’t find anything that I liked. There is bugger all size 8 left of anything too. I’m thinking that all the ladies in Wellington are size 8 and went and bought everything up already :( I hate shopping, I can never find things I like!!!

I think I’ll now go and play on my PSP for a bit and have a break. I am playing Astonishia Story. I just completed Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony yesterday and in the weekend I completed The Sims 2: Castaway (I can’t believe this isn’t in Mobygames o_O). Totally into this PSP thingy eh. I’ll never grow tired of it!!

Ciao for now.

My best friend

Talking to Oyn reminded me that I never talk a lot about my best friend. My best friend is my PSP. We go everywhere together. He’s running on custom firmware 3.4-oe.

He runs gPSP and plays all my kickass roms. I’m half way through Klonoa again and still going hard with Pokemon Emerald. PSX iso’s work on the CF, just iso them up using cdrwin or something, then you can use popstation or something to convert them and then bung them in your GAME folder on your psp and bob’s your uncle :) I might write a new guide for the FFIX one as I managed to get it working across roms, but it required the help of about 6 different blogs and forums :p Same with any multi-disk game I guess, you need to patch your saved game file so it points to each rom in turn. Bah, nuff bout that.

If you don’t have a PSP then get one. But don’t get a slimline, as they are disappointing.

I already have my hands full with the games I have, but next I must get dosbox working on it. I think there is a scummvm release to play lucasarts games on here, but that seems a bit pointless!

Chrome PSP

Today is chrome bling day. Tomorrow will be something different. Depends on what I’m wearing eh? ;) God look at how dirty it is! Totally needs some cleaning action.