Awww no QQ ;)


An Asian rice shop called QQ Rice? Hehe, that’s awesome.

I was catching a bus back to work aftera meeting on the other side of town and I was like WOOHOO cos it was daylight and I could take a photo of this place for you:

*snorts* Brilliant ;D

And here’s another one just for kicks:

American Car show

On Sunday (3rd) Dave, Charlotte and I went to the American Car show at Trentham Racecourse. It was awesome. We also went up with Ricky, Casey and two other people I only just met. We kept losing them in the crowds though and every time we found them they were in line buying ice cream!

There are just so many photos I had to upload them to my Cars picasa album. Oh, it was a great day. Toooo stinking hot though! I had a wonderful day again :D Looking at all these brilliant cars. A few of them dave has worked on doing interiors n stuff. Also, his boss had a car there too, the Chevy Malibu. Nice car.

I totally loved the AC Cobra (even if it was a replica). What a bloody brilliant day.

Bottles, spiders, social networking and a patridge in a pear tree

So, I’ve been dabbling a lot in social media, RSS and other assorted things a lot recently. I’m bringing together a whole lot of knowledge, research, reports, white papers and other assorted things regarding the “web 2.0″ . I need to develop some documentation and cases for work. We are redeveloping the intranet and I really want to introduce social networking and a more collaborative way for people to work. I think it’s very important. And probably not just where I work, but across government as well. I think agencies need to collaborate and network more effectively. Things like RSS, Facebook, linkedin etc for workplaces can add a lot of value. Wow, nerdy ;)

Where I was going with that was that you can now subscribe properly to the RSS feeds from here and Bunny Abandonware, because I put in some links to them n stuff.

What else? I updated BA, yay. I also have some other games I’m working on. John found me a really good proggie for screenshots. I used to just use the built in DOSBox capture, but it came out with these tiny little pictures. Irfanview takes big screenshots, with all the right colours and everything. We must have tried about 10 different applications and then he pointed that one out and it was like WOOHOO! Thanks John <3 :)

Hexie also updated Bunny Abandonware. He did a most excellent review. Thanks Hexie. That’s an awesome review, you also write nice and informally, very cool ;) It’s nice to share something you love with someone so special too. BA couldn’t be in better hands.

Was enjoying my breakfast yesterday and this spider crawled out from under my chair and across the floor. Even the dog panicked and backed away. Charlotte went for it but I got her away just in time! It’s a fecking White Tail spider. Notorious for trying to murder children and old peoples. How it was in the house I’m not sure, we have lots of daddy long-legs to keep them away. But he got in, and he was a pretty decent size too. >_<

I got a video of mum squishing it too. ;)

Mum K had her operation yesterday. They removed a growth/tumour thingy from her throat. She’s a bit of a heavy smoker, and I think she’s finally going to quit. The growth they removed was about 5cm in diameter, that’s quite large. Now she can breathe again easily and her talking is already a lot better. It’s just amazing. I’m surprised she’s allowed to talk, but she can. She’s not allowed to sing or yell or whisper though :) I’m glad she’s okay. Went around there this morning and had a chat to her and took Charlie. Charlotte was so glad to see Nana that I had to wrestle her into the car to come home. We would have walked over (it’s like a 3 minute walk) but it’s raining here in Wellington. And I had to go past this other place I know of and take a photo. It’s usually dark or I don’t have my camera when I go past, and it is SO photo-worthy!

Y’know how you can put a bottle of water on your lawn to keep your lawn free from random stray animals going for a crap on it? Well, this person was very concerned with keeping their lawn nice, so nice and uncluttered isnt it…

Note: they usually do have their lawn mowed nice and short and tidy.

Heaven forbid a dog might crap on their lawn and make it look bad!


Oh, and I just found a photo I had to take to proove that I have the smallest DVD collection in NZ:


Who ate all the pie?

I did some baking for dinner last night. I was doing the grocery shopping and they had bacon on special so I bought 1kg and my nana’s always giving us eggs from her chickens. So I made Michelle’s 1kg of bacon plus 1.5 doz egg pie. It’s a big pie that takes up a whole roasting dish. ;)

Anyway, I don’t believe in putting pansy assed mixed veggies in your pie, or wasting space with fluffy eggs. I believe in cramming it all in there!

So Hayden stayed for dinner last night, and four of us had pie. And there is still enough for dinner tonight, plus some is left over for lunches tomorrow. And maybe more for dinner tomorrow night o_O That’s a lot of pie!

Kieran and Amanda’s wedding

Aww, it was a beautiful day. My cousin Kieran married his girl Amanda. They had been together for six years, met in high school etc. Very fairytale ;) The wedding was held at Wallaceville House. The wedding ceremony was at 5.00pm, we got there at 4:30 to dress Charlotte. She was the flower girl. She looked so beautiful.

The bride (Amanda) arrived at about 5:20pm. Fashionably late! She looked totally stunning. She also arrived in this HUUUUGE limo. It was so big that after the ceremony they had to come and find who owned some cars to get them moved because the limo got stuck. Then it couldnt get out past the carpark, so they had to remove some plants from the gardens to let the limo out down the bottom. Honestly, it was a fucking huge limo.

Charlotte was very well behaved during the ceremony. She stood up with Nadia (the bridesmaid who was her chaperone) and was nice and quiet. Then she discovered the hedge behind her and played with that for a while. Then found a big leaf and ran off with it. It was just beautiful. Amanda looked lovely, and her and Kieran looked happy.

After the ceremony we sat in the gardens and had drinks and nibbles, then moved inside for the reception dinner, followed by dancing. It was awesome. It was nice to have all my family in one place at one time. We totally pwnd Amanda’s family in terms of attendance. There was many more of us Taylors and Davies.

It was a great evening and night. What a success. The weather was really clear and calm, and everyone was in such a good mood. I can only hope that one day if I get married it’ll be half as awesome as this. The speech Kieran gave about him and Amanda and how much he loves her, he was in tears, it was just really touching. And everyone was just so happy and proud for them.

You can see all the photos plus lots of videos of the bride coming in and the announcements in my Kieran and Amanda’s Wedding Picasa album.

Christmas Eve

Fancy having to work Christmas eve! Well, I didn’t really. Charlotte came into work with me and we did some cleaning of the desk (and drawing), plus we visited a few people and wished them a Merry Christmas.

Andrea bought Hannah in and the girls had a good time. Hannah is 1 year older than Charlotte, but you wouldn’t be able to tell.

The ladies at work were very impressed. :) Charlotte was so well behaved!

After that I came home and then had to go back to the shops to get more food for the breakfast tomorrow. Strawberries are like $5 per punnet o_O That’s outrageous! But we need them for the Champagne, so… Worth paying for eh? :) Plus they are damn nice strawberries. I think I’m all set for tomorrow. Charlotte is getting a new trike. She’ll love it! I have everyone elses’s presents wrapped and they are all under the tree!

Putt putt the pirate

So Dave and I went and played some mini-golf again today. We went to Pirate’s Cove out in Porirua because we had to go out that way to test that our key still worked to Aotea (where the motorbikes can be ridden) because I’m planning to go out there tomorrow, or maybe in the next few days.

It was a brilliantly hot day, such a nice day for playing mini-golf. Even if it was super hot, and we had to keep buying lots of drinks. Surprisingly enough there weren’t lots of people there, so we didn’t need to queue at the holes, or wait until there was a turn to start.

There are lots of different things to do, like going through the waterfall, putting around water, putting on the pirate ship, having to go through a castle. The nasty 17th hole which has a 6 stroke limit cos it’s so hard (and I got it in 3!). It was just a really nice day. Got some good photos of the Mazda too.

See the Out and About Picasa album.

Mum and Charlie

Just some photos taken of me and Charlotte playing. They are hardly ever done, cos I’m always behind the camera, so I wanted to share them :)

I’m convinced it’s a natural thing to blink when someone takes a photo. Why does that always seem to happen? o_O