iTunes is doing my head in

Constantly get errors saying “Windows System components that iTunes requires are missing or corrupted” whenever you try to run iTunes? I did, and it meant that my iPod never registered and I couldn’t use the iTunes store. I found a solution though:

  1. Close Itunes
  2. Go to your start menu > Run. Type (without quotes): “regsvr32 /u mssip32.dll”
  3. Click OK
  4. Go to Start > Run and type (again, without quotes): “regsvr32 mssip32.dll”
  5. Click OK again
  6. Launch iTunes and see if it loads error-free and if you can now access Genius, iTunes store or load and sync your iPod

Did it work for you? It worked for me.

I used to work for them and I remembered that I still have a UK iTunes store account. Woohoo! I get free single of the week. I have my NZ store account too, but that has no free single of the week and has waaaay less music. Huzzah for two accounts – twice the goodness.

Now I just have to start paying for e-music – I prefer CDs. I like the shiny covers, pull out sleeves and colourful CD towers. O_O

The Feelers are a lame choice, poor RWC.

Bwahaha, I got a quote in the NZ Herald, that’s so funny. But y’know what, IT’S SO TRUE!

Why, oh why? Why pick The Feelers, they are so damn lame. The Rugby World Cup 2011 is our chance to be on the world stage. Surely there is a band more deserving of this opportunity than those old has-been boring pants The Feelers. What a wasted chance!!

The choice of a cover of Right Here, Right Now by The Feelers as a marketing jingle for the 2011 Rugby World Cup has been widely panned by New Zealanders posting on the social networking site Twitter.

“You are SO freaken’ uncool if you pick The Feelers,” wrote “bunnzy” before it was officially announced that the Christchurch band would cover the song which was first released by Jesus Jones as a single in 1990.

“Kittengloves” said the only thing that could be worse than the original version would be a cover by The Feelers, whose well-known singles include Pressure Man, Venus and Stand Up.

“At least we won’t have to hear it much..Oh no wait!”, she wrote.