If you EVER see Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds number 400 (which is Pink Carats) you buy it by the crate and send it to me and I’ll give you $20 for each one.

I just realised I only have less than 1cm left of my lipstick, and its gonna run out and I’m gonna be sad. It’s the bestest lipstick ever. All shiny and glossy with sparkles, and just perfectly suited. Not too bright, not too dull, perfect.

Ohhh damn me for loving a lipstick not available in NZ anymore!

Girls and cars?

Y’know, I have always been a car enthusiast as long as I can remember.

Here I am at approximately 1-1.5 years old trying to steal a mini, followed by me admiring this lovely red Porsche when I was 9 years old. I was probably drafting up a plan to steal it on that pad of paper there.

Don’t even get started on the red socks, or why I had them pulled up like that. I had absolutely NO sense of style when I was a child. Unlike kids nowadays who panic if they don’t get to wear what they want.

That mini was my mums. We were so dang funky. It made me draft up a list of cars that I have owned.

In 1997 I had to buy my mums Toyota Corolla off her because I wrote it off. It cost me NZ$3500. I got to sit next to it for one day as my car, but it sat on the car trailer the whole day, then went to the rubbish tip. It was a cool DX as well, mid 80s, in mint condition.

Same year 1997: bought my first Mini. It was just the round nose model. Was metallic blue, only went for about 2 months then died. I held onto it anyway, put it in the garage.

1997: I got my Nissan Sunny 1986 model. WOW. Gunmetal grey ;) This car then got tuned at a performance car shop and went FAST. I owned that car until 2000.

1998: I bought a new Mini, it was a Mini Clubman. I kept both minis. The Mini Clubman went awesomely, and had widened rims and little fat tyres on it, this was grey.

1999: I got another round nose Mini, this was red. And another one which was yellow. I then took the lid off my blue one and turned it into a convertible, and then took it up the top of Norrie Grove and rammed it into a bank after doing some drifties. About a week later I got a Ford Escort from a mate for $50 and it had no petrol cap, so I drove it up to Tip Road and did some drag racing, and wrote it off, so I left it up there.

2000: I got rid of the red Mini. And got rid of my Mini Clubman. Kept the yellow one. Bought a green Holden, and painted it metallic purple. It had an OOSH engine, went like snot. It was an oldschool Holden Commodore, the classic mid 80s style. I painted it up, then trashed it for a few weeks. It didn’t last. Thank God the entire time I had my Nissan Sunny as my reliable and road legal car ;) Ditched the Holden.

2000: bought a new Nissan Sunny as the body on my one was no longer WOF-able. Got a new Nissan Sunny for $200 which didn’t go, swapped my engine into it and huzzah, another year bought. At the end of 2000 it was getting kinda tired. Sold the Minis that was left.

So mid-2001: sold the Nissan, well, for free. Gave the Nissan to this hooker friend of mine and bought my Mazda Familia 1993 Interplay model. This was a great little car, went like snot – and my first nearly-brand-new car. It was only imported about 2 months before I bought it!

2005: 2 gear boxes and engines later I sold the Mazda Familia, and purchased my Subaru Impreza. Yay, Impreza ftw.

You can see the car I love most. The classic Minis are just PHAT! I really wouldn’t mind getting another one.

Girly girly girls

I’m trying to grow out Charlottes fringe, it’s getting longer, but she wouldn’t let me tie up her hair until a few weeks ago. I had to cut the very front of her fringe, and hope like hell the sides start to grow. So random, on the temples she has bugger all hair.

Anyway, she lets me tie up her hair! I didn’t realise how hard it is to do someone else’s hair. o_O Doing my own is no problem, I’ve been doing it for years. It’s so much easier when you can put your hands behind your head and just not have to look. But tying up another person’s hair is so difficult. Especially when they don’t really like to sit still, and as soon as you brush it and get it up they grab the hairbrush and brush their hair and make it all messy >_< I hope her hair gets thicker like mine, it’ll stay up better. At the moment it’s quite thin and is more like Mum’s and Abbeys hair, which is thin and stuff, doesn’t tie up very well, falls out of clips etc. Thick hair all the way! Anyway, this was our first attempt at tying it up in pigtails and I think it’s really cute -_-

Such a little angel -_-

Y’know, I think I would like a son, I wouldn’t get to do his hair, but it’d be nice.

Shoe shopping, me? Nooooo

Okay, maybe just a little bit ;) But give me some credit, they had a MASSIVE sale at the mall. So I got four new pairs of jandals. Which I DO need, for the summer :P And I got a good brand so that I would be able to wear them for a few summers. I don’t know if I’ll be near a NZ jandal store next year :P But no, they had buy-one-get-one-free on all jandals just for the night, so I got two and got two free. So I got pink, black, black and grey and purple. But they have patterns all over them and the black one has skulls, so I can be an emo jandal-basher.

Please tell me you know what jandals are…

Charlotte is only 19 months old and already she’s a size 6! So I had to buy her a new pair of sneakers (the whole point I went there) and I got these little small sketcher looking shoes, sooo cute. And she looks fab in them. And they are probably the most expensive shoes in the house. But it’s important she has well supported feet :P I still have this row in the cupboard of baby Adidas shoes -_- So cute.

And when I spent that much on shoes, what did I get? Any other pair in the store for $1 :o Oohhhhhh baby, I nearly wet my pants.

And look what I chose…


(crap, my jeans are all worn out and Charlotte has a dirty face)

Now THEY are hot. And you’re probably going “EWWW THEY ARE BROWN/BRONZE, AND MADE OF GLITTER”. I already own red shoes, I didn’t want red ones. I think the colour is awesome and they go really well with some of my skirts and look great with black skirts and black pants. They even look quite good with dark jeans. But I wear black with jeans, or white. I don’t know, it depends on how I feel.

I love my new shoes. They are a nice healthy 10cm tall. And comfortable, which is the key. The only weird thing is when I’m wearing shoes this high (and I’m wearing 4” black today), my work desk is only just above my knees when I stand…

Mum said they were cool, the girl at the store was jealous because I took the last pair in the size she wanted. She has 80 pairs and said working at a shoe store was pure hell! I couldn’t have agreed more. We had a good talk about all the things we have in common.

And when I got home Dave called me a whore wearing whore shoes… O_O

Down with the hussies!

Well, if there was ever a reason not to wear RED lipstick then this would be it: Red Lipstick Spreads the Lead.

It’s bad enough to wear bright red lipstick like a hooker without painting your face with lead like an 18th Century Queen. I guess the rest of the people wearing red lipstick will be dudes anyway. Or Gwen Stefani o_O

If you’re white, wear pink or peach or something, or a nice nude colour. -_-

Hmm nude. I wish I was nude right now… It was 15 degrees at 6.30am this morning, which is AMAZING. Even with all this wind. YAY. I’m wearing just a t-shirt, YAY.