#30DaysOfGeek Day 30: Technology 20 years into the future

So we’re on the last day of the #30DaysOfGeek challenge.  It’s been qutie interesting. What have I learnt? Two things:

  1. I’m not actually nerdy at all really, slightly geeky but not nerdy
  2. I’m really used to Twitter and not used to writing long blog posts anymore – not unless I’m politically ranting or talking about games

Where do you see technology advancing in the next 20 years – and where will you fit in?

Where will it go?  SKYNET!  No, maybe not that far.  I’m in government, so it’s probably not going to go anywhere.  I’d be hoping for a future where people are more connected, knowledge is shared more freely, everything is more accessible, and people can prosper and be happy – technology just enabling where it needs to.

I’m not sure where I’ll fit in.  Hopefully it’ll have something to do with making sure people needs and business needs are what drives the development, not just technology for the hell of it.  So bring on the standards, quality and user focus. :)

I’m tired, so that’s all I’m going to say.  I’ve enjoyed the #30DaysOfGeek challenge!

Next up: #30DaysOfMusic ^_^ But maybe I won’t be doing it on Tumblr.  Although I do have my own Tumblr blog and one dedicated to old games.

#30DaysOfGeek Day 27: Fix a bug in some open source software and commit the patch

WTF?  Hahahahahahahahaha…. No, I can’t possibly.  Why not?  Because I have no idea how to do that.  That’s how fecken geeky I am.  Sorry ;)

What else can I do for you?  How about I link you to some comics?  Read yourself some Cyanide & Happiness, XKCD, CTRL+ALT+DEL or Penny Arcade.

How about something really random… The Daily WTF: Curious Perversions in Information Technology.

Brought to you by #30DaysOfGeek!

Deadly terms used by women

  1. Fine – This is the word women use to end an argument when they KNOW they are right and you need to shut up.
  2. Nothing – This means SOMETHING and you should be wary.
  3. Go ahead – This is a dare, NOT permission. DON’T DO IT!
  4. Whatever – is a woman’s way of saying FUCK YOU!
  5. That’s OK – She’s thinking long and hard before deciding HOW and WHEN you WILL pay for your mistake.

Oh, you reckon eh?

Colmarr’s random arse


[22:01] * Colmarr slaps bunnzy arse
[22:01] [bunnzy] :O
[22:01] [xodaraP] Hot, Do it again
[22:01] * bunnzy slaps xodaraP ass
[22:01] * xodaraP pulls out the video camera
[22:01] [bunnzy] the donkey and your arse
[22:01] [Colmarr] chainspank!
[22:01] [xodaraP] My donkey didn’t deserve that
[22:01] * Colmarr spanks bunnzy again
[22:01] [@Harekiet] go comfort your donkey
[22:01] * bunnzy spanks Colmarr’s donkey
[22:02] [Colmarr] I call my donkey you bastard
[22:02] [bunnzy] This is going to end in tears, honestly
[22:02] [Colmarr] tears of laughter?
[22:02] [bunnzy] i’m already crying with laughter ;)
[22:02] [Zoltar007] Colmarr: your donkey is called “You Bastard”?
[22:02] [Colmarr] yes
[22:02] [bunnzy] take that you bastard!
[22:02] * bunnzy slaps the asses arse
[22:03] [Colmarr] and it can split the time when it runs
[22:03] [bunnzy] that’s one fast ass
[22:03] [Colmarr] I never know where I land in time
[22:03] * Colmarr wiggles his ass at bunnzy
[22:03] [bunnzy] a time travelling ass called “you bastard”
[22:03] [Zoltar007] lol
[22:03] [bunnzy] you can’t wiggle a donkey! how small is that donkey?
[22:04] [Colmarr] bunnzy: it is really small donkey
[22:04] [Zoltar007] “You Bastard, you bastard!”
[22:04] [Colmarr] Stop there you bastard
[22:05] [xodaraP] http://www.minianimals.net/images/JohnImran.JPG <— Colmarr [22:05] [bunnzy] that’s one miniature you bastard ass time travelling through time, carrying you on his back? [22:05] [Colmarr] yes [22:05] [bunnzy] nice hat Colmarr [22:05] [Colmarr] Damn I am skinny [22:05] [Zoltar007] old too [22:05] [bunnzy] i’m gonna wet my pants and laughed so loud my dog ran away [22:05] [xodaraP] Colmarr and his ass travelled through time [22:05] [Colmarr] wait shouldn’t camera add pound than remove and older me [22:05] [xodaraP] Now he’s old and wears what looks like an akubra [22:05] [bunnzy] laughed so loud my dog ran away [22:05] [@Harekiet] you might as well go find that video of that guy nearly getting raped by one [22:06] [Zoltar007] hmm [22:06] [Colmarr] Harekiet: those were the times [22:06] [bunnzy] Harekiet: you know of this eh? [22:06] [Colmarr] me and my ass had too much to drink [22:06] [bunnzy] hahaha [22:06] [@Harekiet] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to2vp0gxHOQ&feature=fvst [22:06] [@Harekiet] there we go [22:06] [bunnzy] :O [22:06] [bunnzy] you bastard changed colour! [22:07] [Colmarr] bunnzy: that is sign that my arse has gone through time [22:07] [xodaraP] AHAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAH [22:07] [xodaraP] omg I’m crying and coughing at the same time cause I’m sick :< [22:07] [bunnzy] ahahahah [22:07] [bunnzy] i can’t stop laughing and the dog ran away [22:06] [Colmarr] me and my ass had too much to drink [22:08] [Colmarr] bunnzy: it is not new that dogs run away from my ass, My ass is really mean thing [22:08] [xodaraP] Is it a rapist? [22:09] [Zoltar007] this has become a really strange conversation [22:09] [Colmarr] No my ass doesn’t rap [22:09] [bunnzy] you bastard won’t rap? [22:09] [xodaraP] Well it’d be kinda strange if it did rap [22:09] [Colmarr] it sings johnny cash [22:09] [xodaraP] Hahahahahahaha [22:09] [Colmarr] my ass is johnny cash fan [22:09] [xodaraP] Burnin Ring of Fire eh [22:09] [bunnzy] the rapping raping miniature ass which travels through time [22:09] [Zoltar007] lol [22:09] [Colmarr] it sings that after burrito [22:09] [bunnzy] hahah BURRITO [22:09] [xodaraP] Hahahahahaahahha [22:09] [bunnzy] El burro! You BASTARD [22:09] [xodaraP] And eats mexican food [22:10] [bunnzy] so let’s get this straight [22:10] [bunnzy] you bastard is your mexican eating rapping raping el burro ass, which travels through randomly through time with you on his back? [22:10] [Colmarr] yes [22:10] [bunnzy] Brilliant [22:11] [Colmarr] Now someone draw picture of that

Wholesome booby goodness

Charlotte and I went to the doctors and we were walking back to the car when we passed the dairy in Naenae. They had the poster up for this and I had to buy a can to prove it was real! ^_^ Miss Helen’s Massive Melons… Unbelievable. Read the description on the back too (click on pics to see big versions)

And here’s another one we found which was funny. Shasta Tiki Punch!!

Haha, who the hell advertises no fruit juice content?