Abandonware got broken

So I broke my site. No, not this one, the other one. That’s right, Bunny Abandonware broke. It broke two ways:

  1. It got broken because Google said it was arse, and I checked it, fixed it cleaned it and requested review from Google. Of course that takes a few weeks, so we’ll see about Google accepting it back again and stop telling people that the site is covered in malware (bugger it). This may not be considered a “break”, but it totally was.
  2. I upgraded to the latest wordpress version and totally pwnd my categorisation in it. Just take a look at the menu at www.bunnzy.org. Wow, that’s horrific.

Hopefully it all comes right. Brett said he’d take a look tonight *whew*.

Y’know, I upgraded this blog too, and it went smoothly. So it goes to show just how customised Bunny Abandonware is compared to your standard WordPress install.All-in-all, I’m really impressed with WordPress, it’s fantastic. Hats off to the community that works on it

I’m also doing some experimenting with Drupal, but we’ll see how that goes huh? ;)

P.S does anyone want to write some reviews for Bunny Abandonware?

[Edit]: It’s fixed, check it out! www.bunnzy.org

Death Race….

Hmmm, awesome. Death Race, can anyone say Death Track!!


What really does bum me about this though is nobody is mentioning the game. I’ve read blogs, news, reviews etc and nobody is giving credit where it’s due. A damn good 1989 Activision game, which totally pwnd. So pwnage in fact there is a movie 20 years later! I hope they have Melissa in her crappy red car, always thought she could take me, but NO! She’ll get nailed by the Transporter.

Death Track: Ressurection is supposed to be coming out “soon”, whenever “soon” is. I think we need to know which one (movie or DT:R) was the chicken and which one was the egg.

the crappy red car Inside the car

If there was ever a game to play in real life, Death Track USA would be it.

Abandonware Torrents… it might just work!

Abandonware Torrents eh? There is only one torrent on there, and I am trying to leech and seed, but there’s a waiting period, just like ScT or IPT or one of those other trackers. So I’m waiting before I can leech it.

Kinda gotta toss up if I should add it to AP, I think it’s a good site, and a novel concept, however the games/torrents don’t have reviews or screen shots or anything. I see no reason why you can’t make an abandonware site that has torrent downloads, but still provide all the information people may need. The Torrent script is quite versatile I would hope.

Then you run into that issue of people adding the torrents themselves, do they have to provide all supporting information? And what are you going to do to assure your readers that they can actually download the game? Well, you could rely on me seeding, cos I’m willing to do it. But I wonder if people would want to wait to download a file from my 128kb? It’s one of those cases where all the community need to rally together and provide the files for people to download. I think to get the full benefit of widespread seeding you’d probably need to make it a public tracker and remove all the wait times.

Not having to worry about file hosting must be nice. Maybe once this tracker really does take off there will be tons of downloads and seeding around the world of abandonware. And then other abandonware sites can just link to the game Abandonware Torrents instead of having to worry about illegal file hosting. Then that would create even more seeding. Abandonware sites would become like Iso Hunt or Torrentz. As long as the webmaster kept up with removing all torrents from Abandonware Torrents if the game lost its abandonware status.

It’s a great concept, I could see it working. I’m going to do my part and download and seed whatever is uploaded, plus I’ll upload as much as I possibly can too. It’s fun to experiment :)

Heros: The Sanguine Seven

Just wanted to see how easy it was to flick stuff from Bunny Abandonware to here :)

You and your band of heroes need to save Megalopolis from five dangerous criminals who have done a prison break. Battle through the streets (well, a strange city of platforms and ladders and keys) and get them baddies. Initally when this game was released in 1993, a publisher picked the game up and it was released as shareware. It is now freeware.

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p.s. Heros instead of Heroes o_O


I ran out of Up&Go! I looked in my fridge and they were all gone. I get the feeling certain people are drinking them cos they like strawberry flavoured milk! It’s not flavoured milk, it’s 2 weetbix with milk in a milkshake -_- WHAT? I went to the Santiarium site and there are two flavours I’ve not even heard of… I want banana & honey or mango and peach.. Well, maybe. Sounds funky o_O I will stick with my strawberry for now -_- and chocolate. My favourite is banana but they don’t make that in the bulk packs ;) I buy it in bulk. I’m not really allowed to have this for breakfast on my diet :P but during the week I can’t have cereal cos they have blue-top milk here at work and it makes me feel yucky -_- :o www.upandgo.co.nz! They have their own site! And it looks like Sanitarium finally got around to registering www.weetbix.com ;)

What else happened this morning? It’s only Friday! And I got on the bus and the young islander bus driver was driving again. I think he has a thing for me cos he always talks too much and holds up the line. And instead of charging me 4 section adult ($3.80) he charges me 3 section child ($1.40) -_- I told him to have a lovely long weekend I hope I see him next week – well I do, he’s saving me a fortune. And I didn’t start it, he started it! What a sweetheart he is though!

* bunnzy np: Planet Funk : Non Zero Sumness – the entire album on repeat. I finally found the CD to it too, it was sitting in my glove compartment of my car for the last 2 years. What a great album! :) Great driving album. I remember finding it at Real Groovy when I was working at Datacom and it was an expensive import, but I was MUST BUY THIS.

Oh, and to all you asshole bastards who leave moaning asshole comments on Bunny Abandonware because you’re fucktards – go fuck yourself. If you want to download a game which is NOT abandonware then you won’t find it, and abusing the shit out of me won’t change it. Go jump off a tall building and land on your useless mothers and kill them for me.

Cheerio! ;)

Abandoned Places comes onboard

Great news! Abandoned Places has joined Bunny Abandonware. Well, they haven’t joined as such, I wouldn’t expect that it’ll turn pink, but it’s great that voh trusts me enough to hand me his site like that. And such a great site it is. I’ll take such good care of it! -_-

Abandoned Places has been around for a long time, and is known for the quality of sites it contains. Maybe I was lucky to get accepted onto the listing with my loverly pink and yellow back in Bunny Abandonware v1.0 ;)

I notice that The Abandonware Ring now hosts the abandonware adult games site o_O That’s good, but I hope it doesn’t put it down in the rankings around the world (both in people’s minds, and in search engines) because it’s got adult content. You could say it’s okay because most people who remember the 80s are about 30 now, but I don’t agree. I think they should have separated them. Just a bit of opinion-ation on my part ;) What else is a blog for right? o_O

The Abandonware Blog has started up again, that’s good news. I was really funny about that at first, blogging about abandonware o_O. I guess it didnt occur to me that Bunny Abandonware is essentially a blog – the damn site sits in WordPress doesn’t it! :o But it’s a new spin on the old DFL, which was a good site – but I guess people get bored and leave them to rot. I don’t know, maybe people put everything into these sites hoping to get rich and famous and it doesn’t happen. Or some intense self-satisfaction that never comes. So they give up. Maybe they weren’t that dedicated in the first place if just keeping it up to keep yourself happy wasn’t enough. Maybe their computer died and they decided to get a job and get married. Maybe that’s a lot of maybes.

I also noticed with dismay that the Home of the Underdogs hasn’t been updated in a year! A YEAR DAMNIT! Come on Sarinee ;) You have to keep it up! We’re supposed to be representing :)

The scene is scarce of dedicated people. With voh handing over AP I am honoured because it’s a gesture that contains so much (trust, recognition and friendship) but it’s also another person who is withdrawing that bit more from the scene. It’s unfortunate, I hope that he comes back one day with another BSOD :) Bring back BSOD!

#oldgames on IRC seems to be going strong still though. I’ve not been as active as I should have been, I’ve been idling on and off for the last couple years. Being in other countries made it kinda hard, but now I’ve made it my resolution to be a bit more pro-active. Fserve on the way!

Well, things do change, so we’ll keep rolling with it. I’ll always be here – that’s for certain ;)