About me?

Hmmm, a bit about me?

All I seem to do is talk about me! That’s the whole point of the blogging world – read about me, look at me, these are my opinions ;)

Okay, I love all things retro (in a music or software sense) and run Bunny Abandonware and Abandoned Places in the abandonware/old gaming community.

I live in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. My favourite food is banana sandwiches. My favourite colour is blue. I have a cute daughter called Charlotte (see photos here) and my favourite bands are The Tea Party and Muse.

I like ‘em tall and geeky ;)

3 thoughts on “About me?

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  2. Hi there

    I was just googling old hospitals and come up with this lol

    I saw that you where wandering about the fever Hospital on mt vic

    Just thought i would saythat its going to be the new hq for SPCA in Wellington

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