#30DaysofGeek Day 12: What area do you want to expand your skills into?

Ok, it’s day 12 of #30DaysOfGeek.  Well, I think it is.  I’ve either jumped ahead or someone else has fecked up the numbering… o_O

What are do you want to expand your skills into?  Does it need to be geeky or IT related?  Pfft, probably.

Cooking.  I want to master the art of being more creative in the kitchen.  I can do stuff, I can improvise, I know where to find awesome recipes, but I’d really love to be able to make my own awesome recipes.  They have to start from somewhere right?

Or how to cook better on a budget?  Maybe creative baking?  Asian or Mexican cooking?

Ok, so that’s all food related.  What about geek related?  I guess it’d be cool if I could actually code or something.  I have no idea what the kids are up to nowadays in that area.  I haven’t had to code anything in quite a while.

I’d probably get bored way too fast – that’s why I stopped being a programmer.  BORING!

See you tomorrow ;)

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