#30DaysOfGeek Day 3: What does your day job involve?

It’s day 3 of #30DaysOfGeek. Today we go into what my day job involves…

The question should be “what doesn’t your day job involve?”

I … look after people, fix problems, write long documents, manage projects, perve at the business analyst, talk crap with colleagues, preach about web standards, give feedback on anything and everything, facilitate meetings, attend meetings, plan meetings, document meetings and try to avoid meetings, manage staff, tweet, fill in spreadsheets, read lots of gaming news, play with Google Analytics, run social media things, talk about my weekend, send lots of work and non-work related emails, media monitor for interesting things, have spontaneous morning and afternoon teas, perve some more at the business analyst.

That’s basically what I do. It’s quite a lot when you try to cram it into 40 hours. ;)

See you tomorrow!

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