#30DaysOfGeek Day 1: Why do you consider yourself a geek?

It’s Day 1 of #30DaysOfGeek!

There are a few key things which put me into geek status:

  • I refuse to be a nerd. Nerds are fugly
  • I’m fluent in Omnispeak and other random languages
  • I still hang out on IRC, with lots of people who still also hang out on IRC, and we’ve been there since the 1900s…
  • I’ve been known to own a few bots over there years ¬_¬
  • I get upset when my laptop accidentally gets unplugged and then shuts itself down (uptime counter fail)
  • I think Bill Gates is sexy
  • And last but not least, along with most of you geeks out there: I haven’t had a really real girlfriend.

What promotes me from nerd to geek? I’ve had sex before. More than once.

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