Colmarr’s random arse


[22:01] * Colmarr slaps bunnzy arse
[22:01] [bunnzy] :O
[22:01] [xodaraP] Hot, Do it again
[22:01] * bunnzy slaps xodaraP ass
[22:01] * xodaraP pulls out the video camera
[22:01] [bunnzy] the donkey and your arse
[22:01] [Colmarr] chainspank!
[22:01] [xodaraP] My donkey didn’t deserve that
[22:01] * Colmarr spanks bunnzy again
[22:01] [@Harekiet] go comfort your donkey
[22:01] * bunnzy spanks Colmarr’s donkey
[22:02] [Colmarr] I call my donkey you bastard
[22:02] [bunnzy] This is going to end in tears, honestly
[22:02] [Colmarr] tears of laughter?
[22:02] [bunnzy] i’m already crying with laughter ;)
[22:02] [Zoltar007] Colmarr: your donkey is called “You Bastard”?
[22:02] [Colmarr] yes
[22:02] [bunnzy] take that you bastard!
[22:02] * bunnzy slaps the asses arse
[22:03] [Colmarr] and it can split the time when it runs
[22:03] [bunnzy] that’s one fast ass
[22:03] [Colmarr] I never know where I land in time
[22:03] * Colmarr wiggles his ass at bunnzy
[22:03] [bunnzy] a time travelling ass called “you bastard”
[22:03] [Zoltar007] lol
[22:03] [bunnzy] you can’t wiggle a donkey! how small is that donkey?
[22:04] [Colmarr] bunnzy: it is really small donkey
[22:04] [Zoltar007] “You Bastard, you bastard!”
[22:04] [Colmarr] Stop there you bastard
[22:05] [xodaraP] <— Colmarr [22:05] [bunnzy] that’s one miniature you bastard ass time travelling through time, carrying you on his back? [22:05] [Colmarr] yes [22:05] [bunnzy] nice hat Colmarr [22:05] [Colmarr] Damn I am skinny [22:05] [Zoltar007] old too [22:05] [bunnzy] i’m gonna wet my pants and laughed so loud my dog ran away [22:05] [xodaraP] Colmarr and his ass travelled through time [22:05] [Colmarr] wait shouldn’t camera add pound than remove and older me [22:05] [xodaraP] Now he’s old and wears what looks like an akubra [22:05] [bunnzy] laughed so loud my dog ran away [22:05] [@Harekiet] you might as well go find that video of that guy nearly getting raped by one [22:06] [Zoltar007] hmm [22:06] [Colmarr] Harekiet: those were the times [22:06] [bunnzy] Harekiet: you know of this eh? [22:06] [Colmarr] me and my ass had too much to drink [22:06] [bunnzy] hahaha [22:06] [@Harekiet] [22:06] [@Harekiet] there we go [22:06] [bunnzy] :O [22:06] [bunnzy] you bastard changed colour! [22:07] [Colmarr] bunnzy: that is sign that my arse has gone through time [22:07] [xodaraP] AHAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAH [22:07] [xodaraP] omg I’m crying and coughing at the same time cause I’m sick :< [22:07] [bunnzy] ahahahah [22:07] [bunnzy] i can’t stop laughing and the dog ran away [22:06] [Colmarr] me and my ass had too much to drink [22:08] [Colmarr] bunnzy: it is not new that dogs run away from my ass, My ass is really mean thing [22:08] [xodaraP] Is it a rapist? [22:09] [Zoltar007] this has become a really strange conversation [22:09] [Colmarr] No my ass doesn’t rap [22:09] [bunnzy] you bastard won’t rap? [22:09] [xodaraP] Well it’d be kinda strange if it did rap [22:09] [Colmarr] it sings johnny cash [22:09] [xodaraP] Hahahahahahaha [22:09] [Colmarr] my ass is johnny cash fan [22:09] [xodaraP] Burnin Ring of Fire eh [22:09] [bunnzy] the rapping raping miniature ass which travels through time [22:09] [Zoltar007] lol [22:09] [Colmarr] it sings that after burrito [22:09] [bunnzy] hahah BURRITO [22:09] [xodaraP] Hahahahahaahahha [22:09] [bunnzy] El burro! You BASTARD [22:09] [xodaraP] And eats mexican food [22:10] [bunnzy] so let’s get this straight [22:10] [bunnzy] you bastard is your mexican eating rapping raping el burro ass, which travels through randomly through time with you on his back? [22:10] [Colmarr] yes [22:10] [bunnzy] Brilliant [22:11] [Colmarr] Now someone draw picture of that

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