Worst gig ever??

Hahaha, I just had to post this so I could share it and it would be captured forever (we know how Stuff love to charge for old articles).

So there is an article on Stuff.co.nz outlining worst gigs ever, and they ask you for your worst gig ever. This quote is absolutely halarious…

hahaha #32 04:07 pm Nov 11 2009

Motorhead. New Plymouth. Can’t remember what year it was. Got all dressed up in my leathers & favourite black motorhead t-shirt (took me ages to decide which one out of the 56 I was going to wear), studded helmet, biker boots. Dropped some acid, drank a bottle of Jack, etc. Was expecting Lemmy to come onstage & melt my face with his bass, but instead I got some porky old man blithering & crying over his piano. Ok, so I thought maybe Lemmy was having a bad day, but then he started gargling the theme song from the Lion King movie & that was it for me, I spat in his general direction & barged my way through the lamest crowd ever and towards the doors I screamed over my shoulder that I would never listen to another Motorhead song again in my life. It was not until the next day that I discovered I had got my dates mixed up & it was actually the Elton John concert. Well, you can imagine my embarrassment.

/me wets her pants

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