Awww no QQ ;)


An Asian rice shop called QQ Rice? Hehe, that’s awesome.

I was catching a bus back to work aftera meeting on the other side of town and I was like WOOHOO cos it was daylight and I could take a photo of this place for you:

*snorts* Brilliant ;D

And here’s another one just for kicks:

3 thoughts on “Awww no QQ ;)

  1. Hmm, My big brain is telling me that person probably meant “surcharge.” However, if the opportunity presented itself, and the searcher was of the correct sexual orientation, totally smokin’ hot and very accomidating, I, as the searchee would have no problem at all paying the “search charge” as it were. ;)
    I’d even let Oyn watch! :)

  2. Yeah, they meant surcharge

    On Mothers Day that sign said “Happy Monthers Day”…

    So funny cos they fuck it up on both sides of the sign, so it’s completely intentional.


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