Bah! Things I don’t care about…

I’m sick to death of:

  • web standards nobody cares about
  • men
  • organisational restructures where nobody respects anyone else’s knowledge
  • technology teams that know fuck all about the web but seem to think they know everything about technology (go figure)

3 thoughts on “Bah! Things I don’t care about…

  1. So now that you’ve been playing with it for a while: How do you like communicating to the world through Twitter rather than blogging or ocassionally updating the old web page? Inquiring minds want to know!

    I mean … the Twitter stuff is certainly interesting, now and again (are you permanently pissed off by males for some extraordinary reason or are you just temporarily annoyed by one or two coworkers or what?), but it just ain’t very deep. I really miss those longish posts and pictures from the UK you gave your readers a few years back, and the bloggish stuff about your job and vacations you gave us only last year.

    Your life, after all. I’m not in a position to give orders, or even requests, and you don’t know me from Adam. I’m just a random oldish American gamer who follows your site. But I liked seeing the reflective, carefully-picking-words Bunnzy — and thinking about her observations.

    Pat Charlotte on the head for me, please.


  2. Y’know what. I agree too. I’m not trying to use the blog as a Twitter repository, it was “user error”.

    I tried to turn them off but it’s like ahhhh the stoopid widget thing is mental. I got it to put something in my sidebar which is much more relevant, because Twitter is an instantaneous thing, rather than a digest a the end of the freaken’ week.

    I put the widget there so it would go the other way – when I wrote something it’d put a post on Twitter. So you see, post here, thing appears on Twitter. But noooooooo the fucking thing does some sort of backwards arse fucked up thing.

    Stoopid technology working against me… seriously. How hard can it be?

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