Getting amped for the summer holiday!!

Wow, that’s a lot of twitter updates. I wonder if I should set that up to do it weekly :D Haha! Oh well, microblogging meets blogging, ftw!

So what’s been happening in my neck of the woods? Well, the separation is going okay, nothing nasty has happened. I went on a date, that was awesome. I’ve been having fun with friends, and watching movies, playing games, doing fun stuff.

This Saturday Charlotte and I are heading off to Ohope Beach for our holiday. That will be awesome. I have just realised that my car doesn’t have a jack in it, so I have to get one from a spare parts place before I go. They always have more than they know what to do with. I once dated one of the guys (make that two of the guys) who work at my local one, so I’m just gonna pop in there on Saturday morning as we’re leaving and ask them to give me one. ;)

Charlotte has written her list of things which we need to take with us. I have to make sure that we remember everything, I’m notorious for always forgetting something. I usually forget my hairbrush – which is why I have so many of them cos I have to buy replacements. As long as I remember some games, my camera and my clothes we’ll be ok. And Charlotte of course :D

I’m a bit bummed at how lonely it’s gonna be up there at night because Dave isn’t going. I guess it’ll be a good chance for me to reflect on what’s happening in my life at the moment. Those who know me and live near me know that a lot is happening, and most of it is pretty good. I’m pretty chuffed. I guess as things develop further for me I’ll be able to share more with the world.

So everyone take care and keep your eyes peeled for photos.

And if you want to help out by updating Abandoned Places or Bunny Abandonware for me while I’m away then that would be really helpful :p

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