I am so over this week!

Wow, what a week from fucking hell.

So the project? Should it be canceled, should it proceed? Will I be left hanging :P WELL FUCK. Ok, it got saved, woot. Big thanks only to those who work for me because they did all the fecking work. Or maybe I did work. Iruno, I’m a bit drunk right now. Bah. Anyhoo, it was a very tiring week at work. Very, very tiring and full of pressure from above and below and from the side.

And Dave and I finally called it a day. Threw in the towel. Called it quits. Decided to part ways. He’s here for another week, but all his stuff is gone. Charlie is probably hit hardest, but she’ll be okay. She’ll see him every day after work still until I collect her. We’ve been friends so long that we’re still friends. Infact we’re about to watch a moovie together and drink beer.

This morning was the Round the Bays. Which was fun. I didn’t do as well as last year. I did a lot more walking this year as I didn’t have to do it alone, which was way more important to me than a good time. I had a great time! Kate and I pwned it up, w00t.

My router died. No more wireless for me. Actually I can still be wireless as I have a wireless access point. Meh, what I mean is that I’ve had to fall back to plan B, which is my old D-link ethernet ADSL router! And it worked just by plugging in woot. Anyway, I could connect to the wireless access point with it but I’m way too lazy. But can I be fucked to do that, I think I will just go and buy a new router instead. That’s the plan. YAY.

Lots of other stuff has happened. Some good, some not-so-good. Very, very interesting. Very eventful.

I think I will go into a self-inflicted coma now. I have had 4hrs sleep last night (on the couch fully dressed and overheating), got up at 6 for the Round the Bays, did that in good time, got home at 12pm and then drank some bourbon in the hot, hot sun. And then Dave and I played soccer because we were both bored and I wasn’t tired. So I’m SO FUCKING TIRED NOW. And I need to stay awake because tonight is the first episode of the new Top Gear season!!!!

Anyway, roll on next week as I need something normal to happen.

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