A broken wrist and another crappy A&E experience

It’s not like me to blog! Just ask voh and his weird blogging ratio calculation thing. :D

So…. what’s been happening? Well I broke my arm, my wrist to be precise. That was last week on the 24th Feb. Apparently I’m the wrong colour to get a cast or any adequate health-care, well that’s what everyone is telling me. It’s probably true.

I totally cocked up while trying to jump up something and went OTB (over the bars). I kept on riding and it was pretty painful, but I had fun. That afternoon and night it was pretty painful – both of my wrists were – but I figured it was just sprained so I kept them moving. I also hurt myself on the legs and stuff, but meh. I’m brave ;) The next morning Kate and David were coming for breakfast so I got up early to cook pancakes and I just couldn’t move one of my arms at all, it was so painful. The other one was also really, really sore. I cooked breakfast anyway (slowly), and everyone had fun. After breakfast I packed up my bag with books, my iPod, PSP, PSP movies, games, snacks anda drink and off I went to the A&E (Accident and Emergency). I had to drive down with one hand in total pain, didn’t you just know I have a manual car and it’s my left which is hurting?! Yes, NZ has left-hand drives. Anyway, after much pain I got there and sat down to wait. Boring.

So I’m in luck, we have a specialist working on the A&E, so I get seen to within an hour. UNHEARD OF. We often have people treated in hallways or dying in the waiting room (no shit, Google it). Anyway it’s like “wow, ok, you need an x-ray”. Let’s head off to Radiology then, follow the blue line… walk… walk… walk. And then we get there and it’s all very beautiful, like something out of an old crusty hotel or I’ve timewarped back to the 30s.

So I got an x-ray, and they have this old crusty room with this fandangle touch screen on which up comes a picture of my arm. There is nothing more gross than an x-ray, and looking at what is hidden under that skin. It reminds me that I am a skeleton under there *shudder*. So the two radiologists are looking and going “ahhh, I see what you’ve done here.. nice” and send me back to A&E, follow the blue line back… walk… walk… walk.

So I’m in A&E with my broken wrist, my x-ray printed out and in a big piece of cardboard. After another 30 minutes waiting I get to go and see the specialist again. I go into where she is and there is a touchscreen and she’s already zooming in and looking at what I’ve done. I’m left holding this piece of cardboard and a printout relating to taxpayers who frustrate at their money being wasted. Why print the fucking thing out if you have a touchscreen too!? Anyway, she’s zooming in and going “wow, yeah, I see what you’ve done”. I’m thinking “woohoo, I’m gonna paint my cast black and be an emo”. So she’s off to find a doctor because it has to be “signed off”.

Queue scary doctor music. In walks this very tired looking, old, crusty, grumpy, retarded indian woman. Is this the doctor? BY CRIKEY IT IS. And she takes one look at me and goes “THE WHITE MAN GETS ME DOWN!” Well, she didn’t say it, but she looked it at me. She’s zooming on this fucking touchscreen going “oh yeah, look at that, broken the end off”. Then she turns and goes “just bandage her, she’ll be fine” and walks off. The specialist is looking a bit sheepish and bandages me saying “don’t worry, we’ll have the x-ray reviewed and someone will call you back in”.

It’s been over a week, I haven’t heard a word. I still have no cast, I don’t even have a bandage anymore. It’s sore, but I’m brave. I know that the NZ health system is a pile of crap. To be honest I’d rather just have a sore broken wrist than go back and wait in the A&E. Because I know next time I’ll have a normal wait (which is at least 7 hours if not death).

I rang my GP but they were about as useful as tits on a bull.

It reminds me of the last time I had to go to the hospital. I’m about 8 months pregnant, very obviously. Blood running down my leg, because something is not right. If a pregnant woman has blood running down her legs then something must be wrong, yeah? Anyway, I get there and I’m like “help!” and they are “take a seat and fill in the form”. So I take the seat, cover it in blood (hah, fuck you!) and fill in the form. Give the form back and “take a seat please”. Sitting there bleeding. About 7 other groups of people waiting. I waited for 6 hours. I went up and said “I’m not feeling too well, I’m scared”. But they made me wait. And sure enough, soon it was nearly the early hours of the morning and I still hadn’t seen anyone. Worse still was this other lady who had been there about 3 hours longer than me, she was heavy pregnant with a cut up face, and small children with her. Waiting for that long with children, the poor woman. Those kids should have been in bed about 5 hours ago. She’s bleeding out the face, I’m bleeding out the .. yeah. In the end I just went home, I didnt bother seeing anyone. I told the lady at reception that I was tired, had work in the morning and this was a “fucking circus”.

The only time I’ve ever been successfully seen in an A&E was when I had peritonitis because I was full of puss because I had cysts bursting. I was dying and had been waiting at the after hours for about 3 hours. They told me to take a seat, so I started screaming. Loudly. And threw myself on the floor. So they had to sedate me. Sure enough I was still nearly dying and sedated, but I was fast asleep and didn’t know. ;) After about 7 hours they put me into surgery. But the damage had been done and stuff had to be removed.

So in conclusion to all this, I’m not going back, I don’t want a cast, and the health system here is a fucking joke.

The one main thing I’m bummed about is that I have to mouse with my right hand and I can’t ride my bike :(

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  1. Yes you must blog more often. /me likes your blogs.
    Now that we have a description, Guido and Luigi will be on their way. So, if you happen to spot two large men wearing dark suits, thin neckties, and very hairy knuckles pay them no mind and just go about your bussiness. :D

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