Chevelle – Closure

Chevelle – closure

Only the best song Chevelle have ever done.

I’m so glad YouTube exists, what an awesome site.

8 thoughts on “Chevelle – Closure

  1. Fuse is/was cool too. When it first aired it was kinda like MTV in the 80s, but free. It has since gone commercial and many networks have dropped it.

  2. Naw, just artists like Chevelle! :D /me ducks Actually they had a good mix of music videos. If you look under the YouTube logo you can see Rockzilla, which was one of the shows on Fuse. Others were Loaded(30 minutes of videos from one artist), Countdown Rock(top-5 rock countdown), and some others. I used to be able to pick it up on a digital TV channel, bur now it only shows a message saying Fuse is gone. :(

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