Ajax anyone?

This new WordPress has more Ajax than a commercial cleaning company…

But I am enjoying it, it’s very cool. I have managed to figure out what a widget is and how to install one. I don’t actually have any installed as I’ve put this blog into lockdown. The file permissions are so tight that I can’t edit anything in the admin panel anymore, I have to do it all via FTP. That’s the oldschool way, and so much more secure ;)

KnM came to visit, but nobody else, so maybe some peoples are still looking at the other one still? ;)

Do govt web standards cover this blog? O_O

Gurumin, what an awesome sound track!

I know I’ve posted about this game before. About how incredibly awesome it is, and how addictive and beautiful and cute and just how fun -_- But did I ever mention the soundtrack?

It’s got one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in a while. Each song is suited to the levels it is played on perfectly. Plus it also has some songs in it too! Mario, Sonic, whatever, eat your heart out, Gurumin is far superior.

So what’s on it?

  • Ghostly Days
  • Guruguru Tonight
  • Jun Jun Jungle Gym
  • Friends
  • Secret Jungle Survival
  • Samurai Drill
  • Tomorrow Everyone Will Be Friends
  • Guruguru Magician Pon
  • Return To The Road We Came
  • Euro Beat Poco

Guruguru Tonight is the theme song. It’s not in English, but still dang funky.

My favourite songs have to be Secret Jungle Survival, Return to the Road We Came and Guruguru Magician Pon. Oh so funky ^_^

And where can you get it? The Gurumin website will let you download the mp3s for free! How fantabulous is that? Go over and get them. They are awesome.

Abandonware got broken

So I broke my site. No, not this one, the other one. That’s right, Bunny Abandonware broke. It broke two ways:

  1. It got broken because Google said it was arse, and I checked it, fixed it cleaned it and requested review from Google. Of course that takes a few weeks, so we’ll see about Google accepting it back again and stop telling people that the site is covered in malware (bugger it). This may not be considered a “break”, but it totally was.
  2. I upgraded to the latest wordpress version and totally pwnd my categorisation in it. Just take a look at the menu at www.bunnzy.org. Wow, that’s horrific.

Hopefully it all comes right. Brett said he’d take a look tonight *whew*.

Y’know, I upgraded this blog too, and it went smoothly. So it goes to show just how customised Bunny Abandonware is compared to your standard WordPress install.All-in-all, I’m really impressed with WordPress, it’s fantastic. Hats off to the community that works on it

I’m also doing some experimenting with Drupal, but we’ll see how that goes huh? ;)

P.S does anyone want to write some reviews for Bunny Abandonware?

[Edit]: It’s fixed, check it out! www.bunnzy.org