The National 100 day action plan

So it’s been out a while, and we’re finally into the 100 days of action. It’s only a small part of what they are planning to do. It is so refreshing to see stuff being done already. Rather than waiting until the new year.

Here’s the plan:

Mr Key says his first actions on the economy include:

  • The introduction and passage of National’s tax package into law before Christmas, with tax cuts beginning on 1 April 2009.
  • Updating and publishing the economic and fiscal forecasts to gauge the true state of the government’s books and determine the on-going effects of the international economic crisis.
  • Appointing a Minister of Infrastructure and begin implementing National’s infrastructure plan.
  • The introduction of an RMA reform bill to reduce the costs, delays, and uncertainties in the Act.
  • The introduction and passage of National’s transitional relief package into law to offer extra assistance to Kiwis who are worst hit by redundancy.
  • Calling in public service chief executives and instruct them to undertake a line-by-line review of their department’s spending.

On Law and Order, Mr Key says National will:

  • Introduce legislation to remove the right of the worst repeat violent offenders to be released on parole.
  • Introduce legislation to clamp down on criminal gangs and their drug trade.
  • Introduce legislation to toughen the bail laws to make it harder for criminals awaiting trial to get bail.
  • Introduce legislation to tackle increasing violent youth crime by bolstering the Youth Court with a range of new interventions and sentences.
  • Introduce legislation to require DNA testing for every person arrested for an imprisonable offence.
  • Introduce legislation to give police the power to issue on-the-spot protection orders to help them protect victims of domestic violence.
  • Introduce legislation to compensate victims by levying criminals and putting the money into a Victims Compensation Scheme.

In education, Mr Key says a National-led Government will:

  • Amend the Education Act 1989 so the Minister of Education can set agreed National Standards in literacy and numeracy.
  • Publish requirements for primary and intermediate schools to report to parents in plain English about how their child is doing compared to the set National Standards, and compared to other children their age.
  • Begin work on allocating the additional $500 million capital investment in schools in preparation for our first Budget to start future-proofing our schools.
  • Introduce a “voluntary bonding” scheme which offers student loan debt write-offs to graduate teachers who agree to work in hard-to-staff communities or subjects.
  • Amend the Education Act 1989 to increase the current fines for parents of truant children from $150 and $400 for first time and repeat offenders respectively, and allow the Ministry of Education to take prosecutions.

And in health, National will:

  • Instruct the Ministry of Health and DHBs to halt the growth in health bureaucracy.
  • Open the books on the true state of hospital waiting lists and the crisis in services.
  • Fast-track funding for 24-hour Plunketline.
  • Instruct that a full 12-month course of Herceptin be publicly available.
  • Begin implementing National’s Tackling Waiting Lists plan.
  • Establish a “voluntary bonding scheme” offering student loan debt write-off to graduate doctors, nurses, and midwives agreeing to work in hard-to-staff communities or specialties.

Read the full 100 day action plan (498 kB PDF)

I am still a cynic I guess. Reading this I see a lot of these words: Introduce and introduction. I’d like to see more doing words :)

5 thoughts on “The National 100 day action plan

  1. So the first one: Introduce and pass National’s tax package into law before Christmas, with tax cuts beginning on April 1st 2009.
    Is anything happening on that? Christmas will be here very, very soon.

  2. Is a levy the same thing as taxes? (Yes, I’m a ‘tard ;) ) After typing “National’s tax package” I found one article that stated “The Government is to reluctantly increase ACC levies for employers and workers next year.”
    Also found a passage that read “The previous Labour Government left the country with a massive fiscal hole of $4 billion. The scale of the blow out in costs is such that increases are inevitable to ensure ACC’s ongoing viability.”
    4 billion, is that all? Pshhhaw! After all the money is passed around for these bailouts over here, you might get lucky and find a few billion scattered on the floor. Just send one of your National Party Reps over here and have him/her fill out an application. Never know, you might get on the Congresses “Big Buck Blowout Giveawy” list. ;)

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