Google Maps sucks.

Google maps has always been considered the awesome. How totally awesome everyone says. That’s fine if they all live in a place which isn’t Lower Hutt. For some reason Google are releasing their Streetview service to New Zealand now, before they have even bothered to sort out their maps of Lower Hutt. We’re a pretty big city (by New Zealand’s standards) and we don’t have any satellite maps you can read. What a gype! You can’t even see our central business district!

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It seems that Microsoft has come through with Live Search Maps! You can’t zoom in very far, but I can see my roof in this map of Naenae!

Shame that it doesn’t go closer. I bet they have satellite imagery of the middle of the Sahara Desert where nobody gives a crap though right?

One thought on “Google Maps sucks.

  1. Google Maps, Google Earth … They both suck. ;) In Google World (I think that’s what it is called) your neighborhood is just a huge green blob mess, but to the north and west it is clear.
    I use Flashearth meeself. It’s a mix of different sources and the one I prefer is Yahoo Earth. It shows the same picture of Naenae that MS Live!has and you can get it in closer, sort of. The resolution is the same, so after a certain point of zooming in the image gets blurry.
    And the main Flashearth site has other cool stuff. You should check it out in your spare time … Really, you should. C’mon, you know you want to! :D
    I imagine all the services get their images from the same source, ‘cept Google, they must get theirs from the reject pile.

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