Hahaha, we were talking about cliche’s at work. We hear so many of them, it’s just outrageous.

There’s a good list over at the business cliche encyclopedia.

Here are some you’re guaranteed to hear flung around my workplace:

  • Thinking outside the box
  • at the end of the day (ARGH hate that one)
  • pusing the envelope
  • let’s take this offline
  • win-win situation
  • low-hanging fruit
  • best practice
  • going forward
  • hit the ground running
  • thought leadership
  • silo’d approach

Another one to watch “sustainable” or “sustainability”…

Gotta say the main one that pisses me off: WEB 2.0. WTF? Web 2.0! What a crock :D That has to be the biggest marketing spin that the world has collectively done. If anything Web 2.0 is Web 2.0! Where everyone colloboratively kicks each others arse and makes them believe in such bollocks.

Did you know web 3.0 is here? It’s the interoperable marked-up ready to harvest dynamic semantic ever evolved transformed web.

*rolls eyes*

One thought on “Touche!

  1. Hehe, good stuff that. :D The envelpoe one reminded me of “Pinky and the Brain”. Pinky: “Gee Brain. Are we going to push the edge of the envelope?”
    Brain: “No Pinky. But we might reach the sticky part.” LOL
    Here’s some more:

    Let’s throw this out there and see if it sticks.

    Put that project on ice for now.

    I already have too much on my plate.

    Looks like a management issue.

    I’ll have an answer by C.O.B. today.

    We’re all over the map.

    Let’s network later.

    Can I “pick your brain” for a minute?

    Run it up the flagpole and see if it flaps.

    Let’s keep that donkey in the barn for now.

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