Election 08: National pwn Labour


National vs Labour poll

National + Progressives + ACT > Labour + Everyone else!!!

MMP sucks! If there was no MMP they could govern alone. There is a risk with ACT, while I agree with some of their policies, they are very right-wing and they have Sir Roger Douglas in there O_O He’s oldschool and old and oldschool and just plain strange. You can go to wikipedia and see him. Just the photo of him there should say it all. A read on “Rogernomics” might be interesting…

National just wiped the floor with Labour! I totally shouldn’t be saying this, but I’m really happy. I think New Zealand deserves a change. We need a change.

I just hope they have what it takes to get New Zealand through all the economic and financial crisis bullshit going on. Labour have made sure they left the coffers empty, and National are going to have a really tough time. I just hope New Zealand is not dumbarse and doesn’t vote them out after three years because we’re not having huge surpluses again. It ain’t gonna happen people, they’re gonna need more than three years to fix the mess left in the beehive for them.

Now, National, bring on your social policies and clean up the ghetto I live in!

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