Death Race….

Hmmm, awesome. Death Race, can anyone say Death Track!!


What really does bum me about this though is nobody is mentioning the game. I’ve read blogs, news, reviews etc and nobody is giving credit where it’s due. A damn good 1989 Activision game, which totally pwnd. So pwnage in fact there is a movie 20 years later! I hope they have Melissa in her crappy red car, always thought she could take me, but NO! She’ll get nailed by the Transporter.

Death Track: Ressurection is supposed to be coming out “soon”, whenever “soon” is. I think we need to know which one (movie or DT:R) was the chicken and which one was the egg.

the crappy red car Inside the car

If there was ever a game to play in real life, Death Track USA would be it.

Boing! It’s spring.

Wow, it’s like the weather KNEW it was the first day of Spring. It is so warm and sunny today. Well, 15 degrees is fucking freezing as far as I’m concerned, but it’s a lot warmer yesterday and today than it has been in a very long time.

I was able to turn the heater down yesterday and open the doors. And Charlotte got to draw outside on the concrete with her big pieces of chalk and then ride her bike. We also got the first load of washing dry on the clothes line in god-knows-how-many months!

So I’m wearing short sleeves in good faith today. Probably not a good idea as the doctor says I have a really “rattly” chest. rattly eh? It rattles when I breathe? o_O

I’m off to find some breakfast now. And I’ll leave you with a really scary thought. This week I turn 29. I remember when Oyn wasn’t even 29. ;)