This WordPress theme blows goats

This word press theme really does blow goats you know – I have proof…

I can see a horizontal scrollbar down the bottom. Lord have mercy! Not to mention that rubbish tag cloud thing, who uses those anyway? Has anyone actually clicked on it? I didn’t think so. It was only temporary while I worked on another theme, but still, eww!

I like the twitter thing, I just don’t like Twitter. It’s a complete waste of crap. Did you know people actually PAY to update their twitter account from their cellphone? And they do it every few minutes. Like the world cares what people are doing every few minutes. It’s like people have no need for personal space anymore. I don’t really care what people are doing right here and now, and I’m not going to go and look at someones Twitter account to find out. I think maybe Twitter was invented by people who like to stalk people. I could imagine it being really useful for someone who had just met a geeky guy (cos non-geeks probably don’t know what it is) and wants to stalk the living crap out of them.

No Siree.

So… I will work on a new theme, because this one is just awful, and I’m sorry you had to be subjected to it for this long already. Especially that tag cloud there, that’s just wrong ;)

4 thoughts on “This WordPress theme blows goats

  1. Yes, I think we’ve suffered long enough. ;-) I once scrolled my mouse pointer over that tag cloud thingamajiger. :-D

  2. Errr .. did I do that ? I installed wordpress somewhere else on my webspace, did it influence this instance ? If so .. sorry hun .. :(

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