Severe weather warning!!

I still only have half a roof out there because of the last storm we had! Apparently this one is going to get much, much worse. The storm has become a hurricane, it’s in Auckland at the moment and moving down the North Island. People in Auckland and Northland have been without power since 6am today. There have been over 100 rooves removed and they are telling people that if you have a moored boat, then you need to make sure it’s moored real secure, and insured as well. ;)

Once-in-decade storm cuts power, closes roads (+photos) [NZ Herald].

My camera batteries are charged and I’m just sitting here waiting. I think for the first time in history we need to actually unplug everything o_O I bet the Sky TV will stop working too, ugh. Y’know there is a big rugby game on in Australia, All Blacks vs. Wallabies. So much for watching that eh?

It’s been raining and hailing for about 8 days non-stop. The rivers are already breaking the banks. I really am excited about having the biiiig storm come, because there is going to be rampant flooding, and that’s always good times. :-)

I just don’t want to lose the rest of my roof o_O Now I’m going to go and check on my Civil Defence survival kit. If New Zealand gets washed away then I hope all you foreigners will send us money and try to help us get back on track. God knows NZ sends more overseas for all you buggers than we can afford to :p

Right. Michelle Out.

2 thoughts on “Severe weather warning!!

  1. Gee-wiz girl! Can your week get any suckier? Do you have one of those WW I era looking civil defense helmets? I’ll send a box of nails and a balony samich. :D

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