A browser resource worth browsing

Wow, this is just amazing. After looking so long for those long lost browsers to test things in I found something funky. Let’s be honest, if you want an old copy of err.. Grail or Softerm Plus then you could have trouble finding it. And old IE? I have lots of them on disk for Windows, but for Mac? They get the old staff taken off their faster than you can say “SuperHighway Browser”. (What a name for a browser!).

I thought I would share it here because a) it’s awesome, and b) now I’ll always have a link to it.

Thanks Evolt, for providing me with some cruddy old IE browser for my MacBook. If only you could get Safari to find the page. FIND THE PAGE damnit. No I won’t use OpenDNS, ewww.

One thought on “A browser resource worth browsing

  1. I have IE 3 on my first ever IP’s disk somewhere. Ahhh, Windows 95.b. I think that connection was something like 24.4 kb/s? I thought I was in high cotton after getting a 33.3 kb/s connection.

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