The switch to Vodafone

So, I moved ISP’s today. And home phone provider too. We have shooted over to Vodafone and jumped onto the Ultimate Pack.

It’s unlimited speeds up and down. I’ve managed to download at 3.7mbps and upload at 1mbps. I’d hardly call that “unlimited”, and you only get 20GB per month. But it’s better than Woosh which was charging me $55 for only 10GB per month. And once you factor in that I used to pay $45 per month for the phone line alone, we’re a little bit better off. :-)

I have two Vodafone mobile phones but I can’t get any deals on those as well. Dang. I’ll say one thing, it’s much better to have a bit of variety for homephones in NZ. We used to only have Telecom and they were so bloody minupulative-monopoly. Bloody dodgy bastards.

Anyhoo, I thought I would celebrate by finishing off some torrents. I haven’t been able to upload faster than 128k (16kbps) EVER and now I can finally download at faster than 14kbps :D Cos Woosh used to throttle my speeds because I was a known “torrenter”. BASTARDS!!!

Laters -_-

5 thoughts on “The switch to Vodafone

  1. Good on ya! And about time you got a decent provider. Your speeds are comparable to what my dad gets. I’ve done some checking and it seems up/down speed is pretty equivilant to processor speed. My dad gets 3.9mb/s down and 1.2mb/s up on his 3.7GHz dual core and I get 1mb/s down and 525kb/s up on my 866 PIII. The most any server has ever given me is 460kb/s down.
    If I were you, and if you can even do it, I’d see if vodaphone has a 4mb/s plan. That should be about all you can use. Do you have any all-in-one plans? We have plans that give you phone, cable, and internet for around $100/month, some are even a bit lower. Phone and internet isn’t a bad deal but it would be neat if you could get TV in there too.
    This better go through this time! Last time I got ‘page not found’, and I didn’t save. >:-(

  2. Darn, I forgot to ask. Do you have Flashget? It’s pretty fast for D/L’ing.

  3. I tell you what also sucks. getting super fast broadband if you’re in the “Red” section but only getting 1gb per month.


    Get online, and use your allocation within an hour. What is the bloody fucking point. Sheesh. I tell you what!

  4. “I do in my LastXP installation. But it will only go as fast as my internet connection”

    Well, duuuuh! :D How could it go any faster? If you ever break the space/time continuum theory please let me know.

    I can’t believe such a thing as a “red section” even exists. What’s the reason for that?

    Oh, do tell me what…hubba-hubba, wink-wink. ;)

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