Severe weather warning!!

I still only have half a roof out there because of the last storm we had! Apparently this one is going to get much, much worse. The storm has become a hurricane, it’s in Auckland at the moment and moving down the North Island. People in Auckland and Northland have been without power since 6am today. There have been over 100 rooves removed and they are telling people that if you have a moored boat, then you need to make sure it’s moored real secure, and insured as well. ;)

Once-in-decade storm cuts power, closes roads (+photos) [NZ Herald].

My camera batteries are charged and I’m just sitting here waiting. I think for the first time in history we need to actually unplug everything o_O I bet the Sky TV will stop working too, ugh. Y’know there is a big rugby game on in Australia, All Blacks vs. Wallabies. So much for watching that eh?

It’s been raining and hailing for about 8 days non-stop. The rivers are already breaking the banks. I really am excited about having the biiiig storm come, because there is going to be rampant flooding, and that’s always good times. :-)

I just don’t want to lose the rest of my roof o_O Now I’m going to go and check on my Civil Defence survival kit. If New Zealand gets washed away then I hope all you foreigners will send us money and try to help us get back on track. God knows NZ sends more overseas for all you buggers than we can afford to :p

Right. Michelle Out.

Riding through the bunkers

I found some photos when going through Picasa today. There are some photos from a bike ride we did earlier in the year, I think it was April. Reminded me of how cold it is and how much I miss getting out on my bike and stuff. I can’t wait for winter to be over. But we can’t expect much warm weather until about November/December, so it’s gonna be a while yet.

I am sure I have gained about 10kg. I tend to over winter when there is no chances to go outside :(

Anyhoo, a bit about the bike ride. It’s a fascinating ride. There are about 66 bunkers which used to be used to store ammunitions during World War 2. The bunkers are here because they are far enough away from people, but close enough for the trucks to come and get the ammunition for shipping out from our harbour.

It is rather strange to se remnants of the war here in New Zealand, because we are so far away from the rest of the world that you forget we took part.

There were lots of sheep and stuff, and we had a picnic on the hill overlooking Porirua. It was a really great ride. Found some skulls n stuff. Got a nice sweat up. The only bummer is when you take scenic shots you can see how damaged the lens is on the inside of my camera. I think it’s time to buy a new one o_O

This is Belmont Regional park. Here’s a map of the track at MapMyRide:

View Interactive Map on

A browser resource worth browsing

Wow, this is just amazing. After looking so long for those long lost browsers to test things in I found something funky. Let’s be honest, if you want an old copy of err.. Grail or Softerm Plus then you could have trouble finding it. And old IE? I have lots of them on disk for Windows, but for Mac? They get the old staff taken off their faster than you can say “SuperHighway Browser”. (What a name for a browser!).

I thought I would share it here because a) it’s awesome, and b) now I’ll always have a link to it.

Thanks Evolt, for providing me with some cruddy old IE browser for my MacBook. If only you could get Safari to find the page. FIND THE PAGE damnit. No I won’t use OpenDNS, ewww.

The switch to Vodafone

So, I moved ISP’s today. And home phone provider too. We have shooted over to Vodafone and jumped onto the Ultimate Pack.

It’s unlimited speeds up and down. I’ve managed to download at 3.7mbps and upload at 1mbps. I’d hardly call that “unlimited”, and you only get 20GB per month. But it’s better than Woosh which was charging me $55 for only 10GB per month. And once you factor in that I used to pay $45 per month for the phone line alone, we’re a little bit better off. :-)

I have two Vodafone mobile phones but I can’t get any deals on those as well. Dang. I’ll say one thing, it’s much better to have a bit of variety for homephones in NZ. We used to only have Telecom and they were so bloody minupulative-monopoly. Bloody dodgy bastards.

Anyhoo, I thought I would celebrate by finishing off some torrents. I haven’t been able to upload faster than 128k (16kbps) EVER and now I can finally download at faster than 14kbps :D Cos Woosh used to throttle my speeds because I was a known “torrenter”. BASTARDS!!!

Laters -_-