The bad kinda munchies

Well, today I well and truly fucked it up. I went to the dentist and I narrowly avoided a root canal. My tooth has been sore for a while now and driving me mental. I sucked it up and paid $350 and got a filling. A root canal would have been over $1000 easily.

The only problem is I got it done right before lunch. I asked the dentist and I was able to go and eat, so I did. My own lip. I was chewing away at my sandwich, all numbed up. Then I noticed blood. I rushed the mirror and I didn’t realise it but I’d been eating my lip with my sandwich.

I’m still numb, but oh my God, that’s going to hurt when it comes right. Now the right side of my upper lip has gone, and I just hope to God it heals and comes back.

Sorry to gross you out, but I did think it was blog-worthy. ;-)

4 thoughts on “The bad kinda munchies

  1. I’m truly glad you sucked it up and got it taken care of. :D Also shocked that you were able to get in to see the dentist. Don’t you usually have to writhe in pain for a week or two until you get to see anyone? :o FYI, the mouth tissue is some of the fastest healing tissue in the human body. so you got that workin’ for ya. Anbesol is great for mouth pain, but I suppose you don’t have it over there.
    Now if only someone was there with a recorder as you attempt to talk, hehe. I’m so mean! ;)
    P.S. There’s a really funny Bill Cosby bit on going to the dentist. :) You may not think so right now, but you’ll see the humor in it later.

  2. Anbesol has benzocaine in it which has a numbing effect, Bonjela has more of an aspirin-like effect for pain relief. Looking back, maybe Anbesol isn’t such a good idea. Wasn’t it a numbing effect that caused the problem? :o
    Benzocaine can also be used as a fish tranquilizer. It also has “other” uses that I won’t mention here. *blush* :D


  3. What on earth else would you use a fish tranquiliser for? o_O

    And bonjela is numbing. And tastes really nice too. Mmmmmm -_-

    P.S. Bill Cosby is a ‘tard.

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