Chevelle – Closure

This is one of their more “quiet and beautiful” songs. All their songs are awesome and beautiful. I think this one I would classify as their signature ballad. ;)

I’m not sure what the story is with Illinois. But if there was any state I would move to it would be Illinois. Not just because it’s got the lovely Oyn in it, but because it seems to pump out so many great bands. Disturbed, Chevelle, erm Styx o_O, Ministry, Pavement, The jesus Lizard, The Pumpkins (yes, the smashing type). I think Veruca Salt is also from Chicago? And don’t forget that lots of those foundation rockers like Eddie Vedder and Kim Thayil are from Illinois. How do I know this? I’m a stalker of course – or maybe I’m just obsessed with Soundgarden! No, music is more a hobby for me than Abandonware :o I’m probably wrong about this, but I’m sure the Rollins Band came from there somewhere too, but I’m not sure so I should Google that one day. Same with 1000 Homo DJ’s, they first came to my attention on NIB (woot) but I’m sure they are from Chicago.

Anyway, yes, I’m talking about Chevelle though! Above is Closure, a great video clip from them, one of their ballads. If you like that song then check out Comfortable Liar or any of the others you can find on YouTube.

Chevelle is made up of three hot brothers, Pete, Joe and Same Loeffler, and have been popular in the States a long, long time, but hardly heard of in New Zealand (if at all). I first heard of them when they were touring with Sevendust (another of my faves) and Filter (boy that guy can wail). That would have been around… erm, 2001. They have been around since 1995 so I missed out on a good 6 years of awesomeness. But it probably took that long for them to get off the ground. I’m too lazy to Google, but there was a demo album released at the beginning that I haven’t been able to find. If you find it then send it over! ;)

They released their fist album in 1999 or 2000 called Point #1, but I’m a bit “meh” about it. It’s okay. And I totally missed it because I didnt know the existed then ;)

It was around then (2001) they released their first real chart hitter (and second) album “Wonder What’s Next”. The song “The Red” (which is probably their most popular song) came from that album – and reminds me a lot of Tool. He has a real Maynard-sounding voice. You’ll also probably like “Send the Pain Below“, which is another typical rock song and made it big. I think that one sounds a bit commercial, but it’s okay. :-)

The lucky bastards toured with Disturbed too y’know. That was only a few years ago. But no, they didn’t come to New Zealand. They have never come to NZ…

Their next album (third) was “This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)”, and was released in 2005. I know this because it was around my birthday yeah. ;) It generated another mega-hit “Vitamin R“. Panic Prone is also a pretty stand-up song from that album. They lost their bass player around here, which was the brother Joe (a hottie). They did get a new bass player and I think it was another relative. They must like to keep it in the family!

As with every album launch there is a mega-tour that never makes it to NZ and I can only see on music websites :( But I guess reading about it was good, because it brought Taproot to my attention (check out their song “Poem“). So I have to give them a big thumbs up because they hang out with awesome people.

There was another album released when Charlotte was born “Vena Sera”. This fourth album was a bit quieter than the previous ones, maybe that was the new bass players influence, who knows. But there was also a big epic tour too, and they travelled around with Finger Eleven and Evanescence (another 2 bands I love). There are no specific songs on that album which I would label awesome. It’s probably worth checking out “I Get It“.

Anyway, that’s just what I know about Chevelle which probably scratches the surface eh? But they are a fave of mine that I’ve been following for the last 7 or 8 years and I think they still have a ways to go.

I think YouTube is just brilliant, where else can you listen to endless music when you don’t have your mp3 drive hooked up? ;)

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