Welcome to the Zoo

Jeebus F Christ, has anyone been reading/watching the New Zealand news lately? What the fuck is this country coming to??

  • A lady got into her car with her 8-year-old son and a guy opened the door and snatched her bag. She jumped out and chased him to his car and he ran her down and she died.
  • A shop owner was robbed and put his hands up, co-operated and let them take everything and they shot him point-blank in the chest, then other people kept coming into the shop and stealing stuff as he was dead.
  • A newly-wed lady driving to work and a guy decides he wants to take a few people out so he rams into her on the motorway and she’s dead.
  • A little 80-year-old Asian lady was beaten to death in her home. They are trying to say it was the Triads, because then they can blame it on Immigrants. But apparently witnesses saw some Samoan or Maori people.

We all know people WANT to go to jail. If you go to jail you get 3 meals a day, Sky TV, underfloor heating plus heating/air conditioning. And the prisons have these giant LCD TVs up on their walls, plus the TVs in the cells. I wish I had underfloor heating, 3 cooked meals a day and could get a free University education. Gee, where’s the incentive to stay legal?

There’s a bit of a story on crime in yesterdays Herald. South Auckland is the most ghetto place I know of. It’s like being in one of those slums in the US of A or being on the bad side of the tracks in Cape Town or Nigeria somewhere. What a bunch of fucking animals live in this country.

I just thought of something. Have you ever seen the Mad Max movies? That is going to be South Auckland and various other parts of New Zealand soon (if not already).

One thought on “Welcome to the Zoo

  1. Well, when you have a government that has it’s priorities bass-akwards stuff like this is generally the result. It’s the same kind of stuff that goes on over here. When people see no hope, for lack of employment or whatever reason, they prey the innocent. Maybe people will see the light and finally vote out those lame-o’s.

    Mad Max was kewl. My older brother had the American version of his police car (Ford Torino GT). Actually he had two of them. He also had the ‘Starsky & Hutch version. ;)

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