Offsetting your emissions?

Finally, a site that puts offsetting into perspective! So you drive that V8 to work with no carpooling and towing two trailers and a box of concrete, and it’s okay, because you plant trees or buy carbon credits. So you’ve made yourself carbon neutral right? And that’s fine, that makes you a good person… doesn’t it?

But does it really undo the damage you have done? Does it really make it okay? Or are you just compensating for something you shouldn’t be doing anyway?

wrong + wrong = wrong
right + right = right
right + wrong = ?

Here’s a site that really puts it into perspective: “Helping you because you can’t help yourself”.

Read the “small print” page if you don’t get it. ;)

One thought on “Offsetting your emissions?

  1. I’ve been trying to offset my, err, emissions of late. Apparently too much protein in my diet, so I’m cutting back. It’s getting old having to open a window or light a match. At least there aren’t elevatores anyplace I go. Quite embarassing really
    Oh wait, I’m babbling about something something completely off the topic, aren’t I? Um, my car is a V6 :D

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