The Tea Party

The Tea Party – Sister Awake

I know that I hardly have time to breathe nowadays, but I found time this evening to play around on YouTube. I don’t have any music on my mac, and I want to keep my iPod formatted for Windows. So what better place to listen to music then YouTube?

This is my favourite song from The Tea Party. They are in my top 5 bands of all time. Jeff Martin is so talented (and so insanely gorgeous). They are one of the most underrated bands of all time, and could have conquered the world. Shame they were glued inside Canada.

The Tea Party full playlist (all their songs) is what I used whenever we played UT or whenever I play FPS games, for some reason it works. I always have warm fuzzy flack-cannon flashbacks when listening to them now, even though I loved them long before UT. -_-

Go and watch :) And view some other songs of theirs. I recommend The Bazaar, The River, Fire in the Head and their remake of Paint it Black.

6 thoughts on “The Tea Party

  1. What does being Canadian have to do with their success? Rush, Sum 41, The BareNaked Ladies, Nickelback, The Guess Who, Triumph, Dan Hill, Alanis Morissette, Gordon Lightfoot, and a slew of others, all succesful, that I don’t have room to list are from Canada. ;) Well, I could, but I’m just too darn lazy. :D Maybe they just haven’t caught on yet, or maybe their agent totally sucks. :o

  2. But as I understand your post they aren’t exactly succesful. “They are one of the most underrated bands of all time, and could have conquered the world. Shame they were glued inside Canada.”
    So then doesn’t that makes Tea Party the exeption that validates the rule? ;)

  3. And I reckon Céline Dion must be the exception that proves all Canadians are sexy. :D

  4. as well as Avril Lavigne…

    Ok, maybe I underrated The Tea Party.. They have sold over 1.5m albums, and are huge everywhere but the US. For some reason they couldn’t conquer that market hugely!

    Celine Dion… ewwwww

  5. 1.5 million eh? Bon Jovi has sold over 120 million. Quite a gap, wouldn’t you say? :D
    Avril Levigne might be cute if she’d wipe that gunk off her face. Or maybe that gunk is hiding something? hmmm :O

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