What to do… what to do… ?

I really don’t know what is going on. When I was 21 I had a 10GB cap on my internet, that’s like, 9 years ago. Then I moved overseas and had uncapped broadband, then moved back to New Zealand to be pleasantly surprised we had uncapped broadband here too. Ok, so it was only 256/128, then it went up to 2mb/128, and then 3.5mb/128. So currently I’m on 3.5/128. Looking at that I’d say New Zealand was moving forward, at a fricken snails pace, but still forward right?

Then what happened? They removed all the uncapped plans and brought back the caps. Originally coming back in at 1GB. 1GB! Or you could pay more and get 5GB, then even more and get 10GB. $60 for 10GB?

Then we have TVNZ which is partly govt funded. And TVNZ with it’s govt funding is now launching the TVNZ Ondemand service, where you watch your shows online. Now why would the govt fund a service like that when they know that NZ broadband is too slow to watch it and also is too capped to watch more than one or two shows per month. I guess I should also mention that it’s not even hosted in New Zealand too, which makes it even slower. Each show comes in at ~250mb (reports are saying that most of them are ~500mb…) Fucking retards!

God knows you can’t stream video in NZ, you need to download it. I can’t even watch YouTube without pausing it and letting it download before I press play. It goes all start-stoppy on me. >:( Makes you wonder if it’s worth buying that Xbox360 or PlayStation 3 because you couldn’t play online. I wonder what those WoW addicts do ;)

I can download a tv show off bitorrent at about 180mb and it’ll be better quality than what is offered by TVNZ Ondemand. Plus if you download it as a torrent then it’s only going to take 180mb away from your data cap.

What on earth am I going to do with 10gb? I currently download over 50gb per month! I’ll have no movies or TV to watch. Everything on NZ television I saw already last year, I’ll have to wait about a year for NZ to catch up to what I’m watching.

I have no idea what to do. I think I’m screwed. I shouldn’t even bother having broadband or internet anymore and just spend the $50+ per month hiring out DVDs.

3 thoughts on “What to do… what to do… ?

  1. Um, okay. But there’s more to do on the internet than watch movies or youtube videos. ( I can thing of at least three. ;) )

  2. You gotta move from that stone age country. Just think about how much of the interweb quote you used writing this news post!

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