Whats up?

Wow, mid-May and nothing has been posted? :o You’d think that everything was dying off! But no, rest assured that I’m still alive, and still around and still managing to exist by the skin of my teeth…

Just looking at my calendar for tomorrow, it looks pretty packed o_O I was hoping to go down to town and get a new pair of boots. I swear to God my toes are going to fall off, my feet are freezing. My toes look like Smurf toes!

So it’s a while later now… I went down to get boots but I couldn’t find anything that I liked. There is bugger all size 8 left of anything too. I’m thinking that all the ladies in Wellington are size 8 and went and bought everything up already :( I hate shopping, I can never find things I like!!!

I think I’ll now go and play on my PSP for a bit and have a break. I am playing Astonishia Story. I just completed Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony yesterday and in the weekend I completed The Sims 2: Castaway (I can’t believe this isn’t in Mobygames o_O). Totally into this PSP thingy eh. I’ll never grow tired of it!!

Ciao for now.

One thought on “Whats up?

  1. Gosh, with it being so cold you’d think you’d spend less time outside and more time on irc ;). Oh and come off it, I know you love shopping :P

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