I can’t believe it. This is all so surreal, what a dream come true eh? ;)

Sweet Valley High – the 30s years?

This is very, very accurate:

Back when some of us were of the age to be spending all our time thinking seriously about whether we should be getting behind Coke or Pepsi, and which member of Duran Duran was the dreamiest, our bookshelves wore the kicky pastel and citrus hues of Sweet Valley.

I haven’t been this excited in ages -_- I still have a whole lot of the Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High books at home. I think I even have some Sweet Valley Kids books o_O Or whatever it was when they were super-young.

Ahhh Elizabeth and Jessica, what are you up to now?…

2 thoughts on “OMG SVH!

  1. Gosh back when I was in school in the stone age I remember all the girls read Sweet Valley High. What a bunch of crap :P

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